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Sever Dorsiflextion problem - PLEASE HELP!

Posted by gmyers

I sprained(rolled in) my ankle about a year ago after I landed on someone else's foot while playing basketball. I admit I didn't take proper care of the injury, and after 5 months of persisting pain, I visited a chiropractor who took some X-Rays, which came back negative. He gave me a brace, but after a few pointless visits, and persistent, he referred me to a foot doctor, which in turn said I had no ligament issues, a conclusion he reached after feeling my ankle with his hands. He then gave me a shot and told me just to give it time and it would get back to normal, boy have I ever. About a year after still experiencing a loss of range on ankle dorsiflexion, I decided to get an MRI, and surprisingly it came back negative as well. This was good/bad news mainly because I feel a great deal of pain in my ankle doing certain normal activities that require a certain amount of dorsiflexion  (sprinting, plyometrics, etc), which prior to the injury gave me no discomfort whatsoever, and so far I haven't been able to find out what the problem is. I have sprained my ankles many times before, and never did it take longer than a month for me to fully recover, although.What could possibly be wrong with my ankle for it to be in such state after basically 4 years?, it's aggravating because I'm really active and my ankle has been holding me back for so long from fully doing certain activities. I will note that about 85% of the time I feel the pain, it comes from dorsiflexion, few are the times when my ankle hurts otherwise. I unfortnetly cannot play full court basketball and its killikg me... Any help would be much appreaciated!!! 
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