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Rockets fan kisses beauty in the face bystanders to send kisses to comfort

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:03am
According to fans to upload video on a website, on one day rockets home game site, a male fan beside stealing a kiss in the beauty, the beauty of rage, turned around and gave him a big box on the ear, still pour drinks on his head. But don't want things to this yet, he has attracted by another beauty Derrick Rose Shoes sympathy, result two people staged a kiss xiu. According to a journalist stationed in Houston Wang Meng revealed, actually this is a "performance". Just at that time, things should happen during the internode rest or suspended. Usually, this time the scene will do a little game to interact with fans, suddenly, before sitting on the seat of a male fan, pointing to above, may is the big screen, and then he also pulled by a beauty. But that woman is a little embarrassed, bend over your face immediately. Just then, the male fans suddenly break off the beauty of the face, on her lips and kissed a bite. Next to the whole process, the fans guffaw voice is very big, they should see this scene. It makes me think of, maybe at that time the scene is a game of kissing scenes, photographer and then capturing AdiZero Rose 3.0 the scene of a pair of men and women, will the images on the big screen, and the couple have to do is kissing in public. If the couple is just couple of words, this is not a problem. But if is a stranger... Then the topic above, male fans after a kiss, things did not come to an end, the female fans react after has not helped, he toward the man fan a slap greatly, the addressing, everyone together with in their direction. Woman's face that kiss, but after the fan didn't sound again. Is probably in order to make up for their own negligence, the man leaned from under the seat, pulled out a bucket of popcorn and a rocket bear doll to please a woman, but woman is not effusive, he threw the doll, and popcorn. Man took a cup of cola, as a result, women's direct coke poured on his head. Plot changes AdiZero Crazy Light 2 here and there, however, in the men's left sitting another girl, she witnessed the all process, see man apologize for three transgressions of four times was rejected, she probably had sympathies, then did a man with passionate kiss, two people kiss in their seats for about 15 seconds, the atmosphere was suddenly reach orgasm, even their seat at the back of the audience couldn't help but take out mobile phone to take photos. Done, man happily took the woman to leave a seat, and was previously kiss said can't understand the woman out of her hands. The fans continued to laugh and joy throughout the site. Things here have been finished, but according to a journalist for many years in Houston Wang Meng revealed that it is just a pre-arranged good performances: "this is childcare... my heart, this man is the rocket bear beside himself... this long hair goddess of gentle and graceful fair maiden, didn't see face, estimated to be his wife, Susan, rocket cheerleading captain before, both of the child's mother... fairy tales are lying." In fact, since AdiZero Rose 2.0 the 21st century, cut inside and roll is increasingly rare: which team will open the paint, told you to plug in the ball, at the same time, large quantities of long European people crowded into the NBA, they don't have the postman muscles, but marketer good jumper. In the season three victory over the Dallas mavericks, the spurs have three point shooting 51.4%, they averaged 27.7 assists, but parker in the three games were absent.
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