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Real d rose 3.0 for sale Madrid sporting

Posted Oct 19 2012 6:38am
On October 18, Real  d rose 3.0 for sale Madrid sporting Director padesa at a press conference, Barcelona produced Pepe foul videos to inspire Messi, he considered this inappropriate, Real Madrid will not doing video. The same day, Captain of Real Madrid's Casillas believes that Barca this practice incorrect, don't deserve a big club status. Barcelona Pepe foul video produced by, padesa said, "Pepe was an extraordinary player, he has a supreme value, our players were always within the rules allow. Barca make such videos irregularities, is the lack of respect for other Club players, I never saw the same thing in the Real Madrid. ”??
After the match, Barca will be at home against Zaragoza in the League, and then Ou Guanzhong away game against FC Spartak Moscow. Real Madrid fixtures more ominous, arena of Real Madrid in the League takes on bierbaejingji, and then Ou nike air penny 5 for sale Guanzhong away game against Manchester City. Florentino and Rosel Villar has been requested as far as possible "cut them some slack", to 3 million euro appearance fee, Spain Football Association does not intend to care for interests of the Club.Italy currently under thorough investigation into soccer scandals in the country, people look forward to the Italy football clean innocent again.
But not posible Piszczek can resolve the current Defender crisis team, the Marka remind Real Madrid: while the two generals are representing Brazil and Portugal games injured, but real Madrid it is not possible to find an alternative means of transfer. As long as transfer market window is not open, which in January next year before the arrival of Real Madrid wanted to buy new players not pipe, had to temper resistance continues to wait. In the time before, the team's only option is to find a suitable substitute, rather than which players to new contracts.

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