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provide transmission or storage of information

Posted by bibberqwii

The India news media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public. These include print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media To discuss its etymology a Media or its medium (plural Cheap Jordans Online media) is a carrier of relevant information. Common things carried by media include details, art, or physical objects. A medium may provide transmission or storage of information or both. The industries which produce gaffwefda news and entertainment content for the mass media are often called "the media" (in much the same way the newspaper industry is called "the press"). In the late 20th century it became commonplace for this usage to be construed as singular rather than as the traditional plural.

Emphasis is always given to the national stories, which play a major role in the policy making of the country. Second importance is usually laid on the states news. Then rest of the news items includes international pieces and Page 3 stuff. And as newspapers and media websites everywhere are discovering, the news the stuff people Cheap Jordans are really interested in isnt always what we put on the front page, or even the second or third page. Sometimes its the quirky or human-interest stories that really grab people. And yet, we routinely denigrate those types of stories.

First, there are no consumers of news anymore. In fact, you've probably heard this said a lot, here Cheap Jordan Shoes and elsewhere that, in the era of MySpace, Wikipedia, OhmyNews and citizen journalism, everyone is a journalist, and therefore a producer, of news. No one is just a consumer.  Second, meaning of news has changed. Or at least there is no longer a traditional, established and establishment definition of what is news. Instead we have information. Some of it moving very fast, so it looks like news.  Theres also a well established news channel with this name India News. Although it is still trying to create a market of its own, the content and the production value has been on a rise. Selection of news in India is quite similar to the techniques applied in other parts of the world. 

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