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Others thought she nike shox nz for sale was a cheerful girl a child grow up

Posted Dec 27 2012 3:30am
There are many times, she wrote to her friend tells of all the pain, but every time can not wait for the echo. Finally, her friend sent the letter to her Dear John letter: "I'm all good, I have to find a sincere friend, she was very nice to me, I thought you wrote or stop over , not to disturb my life. "she was deserting the stare, wind, very big, blow away the letter in her hands. She looked up, high into tears Liu Buchu, eyes can not hide the sadness.She firmly believes that they will be strong rebuilding their lives. Since then, in that strange place, she began to hide themselves; getting used to wearing glasses; start habits laugh. Others thought she nike shox nz for sale was a cheerful girl, a child grow up, no one found showing a deep sense of sadness in the thick lenses.She likes the after school sat on the lawn blowing cold air. She always thought that the wind will blow away her memory, she thought that the wind will get rid of her injuries, she did not understand why talks about blowing more they want tears ...

When she chanced to meet her friends, looking at the smile on her friend's face. Tears across the corners of the mouth, turned and walked into the sea of ??faces. She admitted that she eventually not imagine the firm, "or forget her."Letting ears heard Linkin Park: "in a corner of the city / time in the midnight hour / boring people often nike shox rivalry for sale come and go here / exchange a lonely / I quietly sitting behind you / you seem to just want to silence / let me a life / your hands do not grip / a cleanly at least / reduced on reduced / love / know that even if you continue to trouble trouble / I also put a person's life / results or no results / Why should also To continue to accommodate ...... "The red horizon whenever Higurashi coming full silence, the whole world is left lonely accompanying.Whenever alone, my ears always sounded sweet music song after another. Often hear music, my heart warms up, afraid of loneliness.
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