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New Apps Including TV Shows and Music for iPad and iPhone

Posted Oct 21 2011 8:13am

We all know that for most media like TV or Music, the traditional way is not efficient enough to attract and enlarge audiences, so they must make some progress. Naturally, the iDevice is their working direction, because nowadays, most of us would prefer to watch TV shows or listen to music or read with our iDevices, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod, so if they add some apps to these iDevice, they definitely can have more audiences ever than before, on the other hand, it’s more convenient for us to enjoy our favorite shows or music on our iDevice, so it’s win-win.

Now let’s see what new apps are available on our iDevice?

Starting November 1, a new app called SOA Gear will be available for the iPad. This first-of-its-kind app will allow viewers to interact with the show which is Sons of Anarchy in real time starting with episode nine of season four. Fans can click on unique merchandise and products from the show, and the Blu-ray Disc automatically highlights the item for purchase.” Is this a new wave of interactive television watching? It seems like FX and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are hoping to start a trend that involves the immediate satisfaction of being able to purchase the newest merchandise from your favorite shows.

After downloading and launching SOA Gear, it will sync with you while you are watching the episode and will highlight items that are available for purchase. The app is also compatible with the third season of Sons of Anarchy on Blu-ray. By utilizing BD-Live, the SOA Gear app will also sync with the Blu-ray disc for “Full control and navigation of the show on the Apple iPad. But there are lots of shows that we can’t watch on iDevice or on another Apple product – Mac, still we have to fix that with the help of some gadget like copy dvd on mac, it’s the only way that we can enjoy all kinds of DVDs on our device.

Done with TV show, next up is music app. If you want to use Google’s Music Service on our iPad or iPhone, then you’re in luck, because the newly-released gMusic lets you stream your music from Google Music Beta right onto your iDevice. While this app is designed to work on the iPhone, it’s also compatible with the iPad. As of right now, it’s the only native iOS app that allows you to access your Google Music account, so while the iPad interface may not be ideal, it’s still better than the alternative of no app at all. gMusic allows users to play up to 20,000 songs that are stored in their Google Music accounts. Unfortunately, to access your music, you’ll have to give the app your Google information, including your password. If you’re phobic about sharing your information (I certainly am) then this is not an app you’ll want to download. If that’s the case, you can always stream music on your iDevice from Google’s web app.

Not just for iDevice, and for those Windows users, there are also a bunch of apps or gadgets can fix those problems that originally are not allowed, for example, how do you copy a dvd in windows 7? Something like that ever bothers you? But with more and more apps and gadgets, those problems will be no more big deals.

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