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My 16 year old daughter has been wearing the pto airmesh knee braces on both knees for about a year. She plays sports year roun

Posted by Jackie M.

My 16 year old daughter plays sports year round.  She has been wearing the pto airmesh knee brace on both knees for about a year.  She noticed that her endurance seems to be much worse when wearing them in a heavy practice.  During volleyball she does pretty good but when basketball season starts ata times she experinces rapid heart rate and chest and shoulder pain about 4 min. into game.  We have had her checked out with a Cardiologist and lab work and she tests fine.  Im wondering if this brace might be making that much of a difference in her endurance. 

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I think the larger question I'd have about a student athlete is why is she wearing two knee braces and if she is required to do so for some reason why is she competing year-round? So what I am saying is that there's not enough information here for a complete answer.

Obviously the physical demands placed on a  volleyball athlete are not identical to the ones placed on a basketball athlete. There isn't any significant running in volleyball though there are short bursts and rapid changes in direction. Having additional weight (two mesh braces) when running 84' can be taxing. Take her out to an indoor court and have her run with out the braces for 4 minutes and see. 

Though again I'd be much more focused on my hs student athlete strengthening and stabilizing her knee joints which she'll likely need for the next 7 decades of her living.  


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