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messi before meet sanchez passing,

Posted Dec 18 2012 2:32am
atletico Madrid player immediately encircle, however the Argentine still get loose, before the shot from beating atletico Madrid goal. The last time, GeDing atletico Madrid defender in the play with fire, messi nimbly steals success, goal goalkeeper scoring. Cheap Jordan Fly Wade 2 Messi the game's second goal, is he on atletico Madrid scored goals of appointment.Get this twenty goals, messi only 15 games in la liga, which scored 17 ball (home 12 balls, away five goals), the king's cup game three goals. Last season, Barcelona and atletico Madrid than 0 victory, messi has scored a hat-trick, while away 2-1 win, he also scored the winning goal. Atletico Madrid are west re-scheduled week 2, but can not resist messi will own annual scoring record rewrite for 90 a. Messi is not only their buster, is still in a state of great, he does not stop, the last league goals or not on November 3, for celta game, since then,a href="">Cheap Jordan Fly Wade 2 his goal is like the spout. And messi goal is not satisfied with one, each score, he is like brace hat-trick, perhaps this season has made 11 times scored two goals and a hat-trick. This season only valencia, granada, sevilla and celta didn't let messi an opening goal. Lionel messi and the second number victim is Madrid team, he in the real Madrid game won 17 goals. From this level, messi not only not soft feet crab, or encounter strong stronger invincible. In addition, in the Spanish history, he is also the goal against atletico Madrid player most times, a total of 16 times against atletico Madrid goal, cesar (15 times), di stefano (13 times), elvis, tower (13 times), the holy land and nano (13 times), Sarah (13 times) these legend left behind. But more be worth what carry is, to finish messi two degrees, messi and created Reebok Answer 12 a great feat: career first continuous six games on the brace play. "Ah, the newspaper after the game praise, now of the la liga is almost messi a person's la liga, because his personal goal than the Spanish had 16 team the team goals, only the first three team goals than Lionel messi, and malaga 25 ball is like Lionel messi. Lionel messi in la liga this season goals (25) than real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo (14), higuain (7) and this ze horse (3) combined one. Messi continue to enlarge to write their own records, in 2012, he has made 90 goals in la liga, is made and the ball, with 16 games last season, he made half of the goals, this also means that he completely have the opportunity to transcend his la liga last season record of fifty ball. Messi goals also is almost half of the Barcelona 54 goals, if not messi, obviously Barcelona can't be in the Spanish leading real Madrid 13 points, Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 nine points ahead of atletico Madrid, but also can't be in the December issue of time is almost the la liga cup to his hand. All kinds of records for messi both can break, the Argentine is omnipotent, he left people's only surprised. Interestingly, in the media warm debate messi's scoring record is world record, he himself is far from disturbance, sports city in Barcelona quietly training, messi eyes no record, there is only the next game. This is not myopia, but down-to-earth doers. The Spanish [micro bo] after the wheels, Barcelona [micro bo] lead second atletico Madrid has up to 9 points, against real Madrid [micro bo] advantage is full 13 points. Want to know the Spanish history has never had 13 points behind the team under the condition of the reversal of a record, now, can say Barcelona one hand has touched la liga titles. The focus of the battle of atletico Madrid, Barcelona in the nou camp 90000 fans of the boil, and they will in Madrid before team has confirmed that he is strong. In fact, they do. Although the first half, the test method of scoring, but adriano, booth gram, and Lionel messi Barcelona goal
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