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Lighter,Thinner and Longer-Lasting Battery of iPad3

Posted Sep 07 2011 5:39am

We have been keeping paying attention to iPad 3, when will it be released, or how does it looks like, or how much will it be, higher or lower than previous generations (it has no chance that it will lower than iPad 2, just a unpractical wish), or what new applications it will add, even many insiders regard it as an experiment about Cook’s ability, see Apple is better or worse after Steven left. Also there are many rumors about it, it depends on you whether you believe or not, and those rumors have began to spread since iPad2 released. After such a long time, some details about iPad3 can be certified, like its battery, who will be the manufacturers of battery, how its property will be, its weight and thickness etc. And by now, two companies of China have affirmed that they will be battery manufacturers of Apple.

Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology have been awarded contracts to produce the battery for the Apple iPad 3, according to the Taiwan Economic News. Both companies are already suppliers for the current iPad and Apple's MacBook laptops. They said the iPad3 will be in volume production in the first quarter of next year, the battery has been redesigned to be lighter and thinner, and it can keep longer than iPad2. In terms of quality and safety, the new battery will meet the CTIA IEE 1625 standard, which has become a trend, especially in the U.S. This standard provides a basis for creating higher quality batteries. Apple would be conforming to a trend in this respect, as suppliers such as AT&T won't sell devices that don't conform to the new standard. It has higher technical requirements to iPad3, the price is also higher, which will benefit Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology. So far, only Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology’ battery can reach IEEE1625 standard.

Thinner, lighter, longer-lasting, it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, sort of. According to the Taiwan Economic News, the iPad 3's battery will cost Apple 20% to 30% more to make. No one can say if that extra cost will eat into Apple's profit margins and the company will maintain the current set of price points, or if Apple will pass the extra cost along to the consumer. We won't know until Apple gets around to announcing this unannounced tablet.

As for timing, the battery is to begin mass production late in the fourth quarter of this year, and the tablet is expected to reach full production during the first quarter of 2012. This puts the iPad3 on store shelves at about the one-year mark from the launch of the iPad2. The bigger question on the minds of potential iPad 3 buyers is more likely to concern the iPad3's display. Will this tablet have the same Retina display that the iPhone4 has? AppleInsider believes so. It reports that no fewer than three manufacturers have been tapped to supply the LCD panels in question. The suppliers include LG Display, Samsung Electronics, and HP, though Samsung's role is questionable given the increasingly nasty lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.

About battery, this is what we get so far, it’s lighter and thinner and longer-lasting, it seems like much better than iPad2, anyway it is an improvement, maybe next year I don’t know, Apple will launch its brand-new iPad to the world, at that time, we don’t know if we already have Amazon Tablet or not, maybe Apple dominated status will still hang on.

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