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level 2 ankle long before I can return to competition?

Posted by douglas

Sprained my ankle in January and again 2 weeks ago.  Level 2 sprain.  Is healed but told I have weak ankles and currently doing exercises to strengthen.  I wear ASO ankle braces and want to return to Basketball.  Was told I could hurt my knee or hurt ACL.  Is  this true?  I would think if it is healed the only way to strenghten is to use it.  not baby my ankle.  What is your opinion?
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Hello Douglas,

there are three joints in the lower extremities; the hip, the knee, and the ankle. Each joint shares in the load of vector force when you are active with your legs. When you stabilize one of those joints using a brace the energy of your action must go somewhere. So yes when stabilizing the ankle with a brace it is certainly possible to place more demand on the knee joint. That additional demand MAY result in a knee injury.

However it is important to bear in mind that every single body is different AND that healing and recovery are dependent on things like rest and proper nutrition - something most people do not get enough of. Just as the fuel you put in determines the performance you'll get out, so to does the fuel you put in determine the effectiveness of your body to heal.



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