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Learn 1-on-1 Chinese online with Native Chinese teachers

Posted Apr 24 2013 9:25am

Learn 1-on-1 Chinese online with Native Chinese teachers

Learning Chinese online is truly a fulfilling venture! There is so much you can learn online today, and with our busy schedules day to day, there's no need to rearrange our daily tasks and errands to revolve around a conventional (and very pricey) class. What's more, is that learning Chinese online is often structured around games and fun activities - how much easier can you remember something you might have learned while playing a video game than what you were taught in a class years ago?
While Learning Chinese online, you have access to tests and quizzes, vocabulary lists to study and games to learn them all. There are also audio files for developing your pronunciation, and video for learning cultural points about the language and its writing forms.
Why should you learn Chinese online? Why not? In order to learn Chinese, you need to hear it spoken and practice speaking it, and if you're reading this article, you in all likelihood don't have Chinese parents who speak the language naturally at home. Learn Mandarin Chinese online, with both auditory and visual aids may be the best solution available to you.
All Mandarin is an online mandarin school created to reinvent the experience for learning Chinese language. The online Mandarin school serves a large and rapidly growing global market, initially targeting non-Chinese speaking learners worldwide. Through live instruction with native Chinese speaking teachers and multimedia learning materials, all provided over the Internet. All Mandarin helps students learning Chinese in a more efficient way.
All Mandarin is the only company that can give you an excellent alternative to learn Mandarin Chinese that is not only better, but also more efficient in terms of cost, flexibility and learning methods.
You may need to improve your Mandarin for a job, school, traveling or a promotion. Your online Mandarin lessons will be custom designed specifically to meet your needs. Sign up for a free Chinese lesson trial and find out how you can learn Mandarin online with All Mandarin.
Regular Chinese
The Regular Chinese lessons are designed for learners who wish to receive a systematic Chinese training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is suitable for any student, from the total beginner to the highest level.
Business Chinese
All Mandarin caters to all business students by designing lessons that focus on the needs of each individual student. Due to the vastness of business Chinese l, All Mandarin focuses on the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.
Chinese Lessons for Kids
Prepare your children for their future with live Mandarin Chinese classes via Skype with native Chinese speakers. Your children will learn to speak Mandarin Chinese from the best teachers, without having to leave home.
Cynthia learn Chinese for kids we ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your child. We can build up your child’s confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare your child for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar – and have fun too!

Learn mandarin online 1-on-1 with the best online Chinese learning school. Sign up a free Chinese lesson now!

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