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Kobe Bryant high-profile field outside low-key four points

Posted Jul 13 2012 9:11am
The Olympic warm-up match in Las Vegas, the American dream ten team opener 113-59 win over the Dominican. cheap jordan shoes In before, kobe Bryant performance was "high", a "the U.S. men's basketball team to beat a dream" arise layer waves, including Michael Jordan, magic Johnson, Charles barkley, scottie pippen and Byrd, a senior stand out more than dream is under dubious Peter pan. As a dream team of 10 big brother, kobe Bryant to have the starting line-up, but the game is more low-key, the scoring opportunities to all generations, only four points a game.


Face than their strength a lot of bad opponent, Bryant is the blues, although in the starting line-up, but can't see excited, at the start of the match, his chance to touch the ball much, and the ball is also active after being second banana to young players, kobe Bryant assists in TeMing duran 3, 7-4, send leading scorer into the score in orbit. As the oldest player, 33 years old still need to will be good for Peter steel on the blade, and considering the not always friendly now, he also more familiar with the game is the feeling. jordan retro shoes Until a quarter to six points 29 seconds, kobe Bryant to finish the first shots, Peter was near the baseline in the catch, the Dominican immediately players up double, but kobe Bryant and don't choose to hand over the ball, but after the dribbling directly to turn into the defender fadeaway jumper directly, the ball will be sent to the basket and deserves to be signs action. Today, MuLin and Clyde drexler scottie pippen, several 92 international members sat on the sidelines pilsen, kobe Bryant during a break in the initiative went to pitch, and a few were hugged predecessors, appear very respect.

In the second half, Bryant continues to start, the U.S. men's national team lead the game into a dunk show. Kobe Bryant have seen a lot of big condition, to do show is not very keen, his offense remains a jumper is given priority to, in the third quarter to six points 50 seconds, kobe Bryant finished again jump shot, and the shooting the different place is, Bryant in the air has a clear aloft, drift with hit the boards will ball in the movements, natural and unrestrained remains. Kobe Bryant in the defensive end is spare no effort, to rob ball, he even at loss for a foul.

Then in a good mood of kobe Bryant moving in the type of fast break performance sent fancy ginobli, but his teammates did not complete the dunk, failed to live up to Peter pan, the piece of kindness. cheap jordan retro The fourth quarter, Bryant did not play again, but outside the watch, a pair of thoughtful look. Four years ago the Beijing Olympic Games, Bryant is the nucleus of the team, averaging averaging 15 points, still keep 46.2% shooting. Now Bryant heart clear, oneself should put the tactics of the core place to durant or James, etc XiaoBei, oneself only need to play a veteran role, take another Olympic champions.

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