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junior high cheap nike air max 2012 school sophomore I suddenly high fever

Posted Jan 17 2013 1:48am
    Winter in junior high  cheap nike air max 2012 school sophomore, I suddenly high fever, the school doctor said I was suffering from infectious diseases, also said to be contagious students. I remember the night of the day, the voice of the burning smoke, the class teacher to the dormitory to see me, and also sent water, I drank a lot of water to do some. Then, after a few days still did not improve, I leave to go home, my father took me to please a very famous village doctor doctor doctor named Ma, leg disability was lame, privately call him "horse lame." elaborate diagnosis he gave me said to his father "scarlet fever", Chinese medicine called "the Flayer fever" and said has been associated

with sepsis and failure of various organs, very ill, need a good treatment, or trouble. Several pairs of traditional Chinese medicine, he gave me to eat traditional Chinese medicine is good, but still a fever, not eating, physical fitness is getting worse for a long time did not go to class. After the Spring Festival holiday, barely went to school. cheap nike air max skyline
One afternoon extracurricular activities, I suddenly felt the quiver shiver, headache, and vomiting. I find the school doctor to doctor, the DOCTOR said: "Malaria!" Gave some medicine, eat, did not improve. I adhere to a few days, it is to die, and father to take me back home. At home for more than one week, sick little better a little, and went to school.
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