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Jiang Yanrong eyes widened in womens nike free run 2 panic looked Connan

Posted Mar 09 2013 7:34am
He stared above the stained handwriting, the handwriting is like a big wave, his entire submerged. Burst of rapid knock on the door woke him, he quickly these petals into the shirt pocket, opened the door. Outside, Jiang Yanrong breathing coming in, anxious and nervous looked Connan an uneasy:"You have not changed the notebook, teacher? Little things I forgot!"Connan closing the door, looked silently Jiang Yanrong, this pale face with how cute! Jiang Yanrong eyes widened in womens nike free run 2 panic looked Connan, rushed to the front of the desk, her glance to see his open notebook, so she knows she does not have to look for the. Turned back, she leaned against the desk, bewildered watching Connan, whispered: "teacher, give it to me!" Connan looked at her, and did not hear what she was saying. "

This little girl, their little girl, pure as white pigeon." He thought, effort and struggle for their own, want to force yourself not to watch her. But, her frightened eyes zoom in front of him, and goes on to become more pale face floating in front of him, gently drifting tremor, pitiful voice in his ear:"Teacher, give it to me, please!"The Connan went to sit down next to her, on the edge of the bed. Had very petals out of your pocket. "Is this it?" He asked.Jiang Yanrong looked at had very petals, not Shenshouqujie to again look tune back to Kangnan face. Her eyes lit up, Nama cheap nike free run 3 panic disappearing, instead, is a dream-like brilliance. She determined by looking at him, pale face all that enthusiastic eye shines bright, small lips throbbing, her hand grasped the arm of the chair in front of a slim fingers almost trapped go into the wood."Oh, ma'am." She murmured, like in a dream. Straightened himself, and turned to the door.
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