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James: see the President "surreal"

Posted Feb 01 2013 7:08am
In Obama's interview, the heat core James was very pleased. Obama praised James local time, on Monday, from the afternoon 13 points of 44 points to the 13 point 52 points over, 2011-12 season NBA champion Miami heat team in the White House DongFang accepted President Obama nearly ten minutes of the reward. Aside from Obama meet outside, the Nike Air Max 90 Mens heat is also very enjoy in the White House had two and a half hours. "We like tourists, spent a lot of time to take pictures in front of portrait photo." Miami coach spor Stella said. After taking pictures, and when they saw the President barack Obama. The heat team all feel very happy: sit down with basketball fans to discuss basketball, President, handsome said, that's great! Although the heat had visited the White House in 2006, but the President George Bush is more like a baseball fan. "Obama can give us share old story. When you have a like you like basketball President, things will become more special. Wade said. Talk about the experience, James said excitedly: "really is surreal (experience). When I was a child, you can only see the President on TV, in books to see the President. You never thought of in a time he will call your name, you can shake hands with him." In the interview, Obama praised the James in 2012 achievements. "He thanked me for summer pay, as a member of the national team, for the country and war." James Nike Air Max 90 Womens said, "hear the President said so, I feel very cool." "Mom, I did it!" In Obama's interview, spor Stella on behalf of the team to do a brief speech, he hopes to win the heat process can inspire the United States; Then, James to Obama presented the heat all the players signature basketball, and spoke from the heart of words, "we now come to the White House. We from Chicago, Dallas, Texas, Michigan and Ohio out children......" At this moment, standing in the back of the mike miller cut in a way, "and south Dakota. . James paused for a moment, "and south Dakota, Miami. Now we come to the White House, at this moment feeling like, 'hey, mom, I did it!'" dwyane wade is poked fun. He turned and said to Miami staff: "do we have a 10 days short contract? Let the elder brothers (Obama) to come." Obama in a laughter replied: "you really need a striker." Subsequently, the Miami heat guard dwyane wade a squad number 44 to barack Obama. The heat into the first, o 'neal laughter in 2006 after winning the heat, the President of the United States bush meet the heat team, shaq on behalf of the team will be a basketball to bush, little bush warmly shook hands with shaq, thank you. After taking pictures, like football bush. In order to be friendly, interest to the Miami heat players Nike Air Max 95 performed before dribbling. As a result, he made a ugly. AFP in the meeting press releases, wrote, "the activity at the site of the shop is carpet, the ball did not play up." The scene is, o 'neal spot laugh, let little bush have no face very much. On February 8-15 "NBA New Year New Year" activities will set a number of records - RSS game session most, to participate in the team the most, not only has the activities, there are two form will be to the characteristics of China's Spring Festival to dress up, adidas will for the team on special New Year New Year with shooting clothing, Washington wizards have half with the local Chinese community, the two sides will sign participation in the activities. According to NBA headquarters statement, this is the first time the NBA to "Chinese New Year" into the NBA's a traditional activities. Despite the NBA is American domestic league, but they hope that in the Spring Festival vacation every morning watching NBA live, like thirty night eat dumplings as traditional Chinese fans. In 2002, yao Ming to draft status to join the Houston rockets, let Houston fans in China a new holy land. In the United States, more and more people accept the NBA's Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Chinese elements exist, LinShuHao just appear. In 2012, LinShuHao like a tornado, will the global Chinese fans eyes to the NBA, let the Chinese community completely crazy one. The NBA's headquarters in New York city's fifth avenue, they for the Chinese to the NBA's passion deep experience. So, the NBA said to unprecedented enthusiasm to preparation, let all NBA players, coaches and fans have a China Spring Festival. They no longer worry whether fans will have distance, don't worry about the ice.
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