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In the second half of warcraft 3 key 2 penalty miss 13 + 16 since the waste is the strongest point

Posted Jan 19 2013 3:39am
And the anger against the jazz 1 rebounds than bosh, warcraft inside today is no obstacles, can be arbitrary wreak havoc. After the opening and he caught a defensive rebounds, immediately grabbed offensive rebounds after the attack, after Howard finish a keep its full, he first gave zar moss a record cap, and then the offensive end made James's foul, two foul shots after that. If the emperor zhan today for the lakers is a bug, it is also difficult for the Miami heat Howard solution. The first Kobe 7 Shoes section with 6 minutes and 32 seconds, Howard storm hit after they caught rebounds, made HaSiLeM foul and free throw line, this time two free throws. For the lakers, today's Howard is undoubtedly the best a point. Time section to hind Nash send cast high, warcraft to jump after air relay success, two calculation and created foul! Complete three point play offense. Just before half-time 24.9 seconds is Howard contributions, he took Nash assists the basket strong attack inroads. Half ZhanBa, his personal have 10 respectively. However a don't understand is, the lakers in the second half to give up the strong, so in the third quarter, we saw a blue collar, and even the coolie Howard. In Taiwan you fight when a two free throws after all lost, Howard on the offensive end began to get the ball, so he can push to fight for every rebounds. Of course but also try to make a good showing, single section individuals have 7 rebounds. Even if don't score, he also can use other ways to help the team. In fact the power of Howard who should admit, inside of the energy really Kobe VII amazing. Before the end of the game 4 minutes, when the lakers and backward heat 5 points, Howard again finally fished out of the ball, the first ball, he made shane battier (micro bo) foul; Then in the low requirements, inside - out with successful Nash a 3-pointer, Then the third ball, Howard storm damage bosh, free throw line two free throws after one. If the game only so far, so Howard performance should be perfect. Before the end of the game 1 minute 51 seconds, he made the battier personal six made, will be the defender out of the street. At this time, two points behind the lakers, as long as Howard made two free throws, even if it is free throws 1 ball, the situation will not quite same. Howard on the free-throw line, take a deep breath. The first penalty, incredibly appeared air ball, air ball! This let the staples center suddenly silent; The second penalty, the ball hit the boards on high bounce. As Kobe 7 Cheetah Allen keys and chim emperor's stop hit, the lakers no turning back. On the surface to see, of the two penalty miss pit the team. But then again, the whole of the second half Howard a shot. A total of only got three points, at the same time, the whole game he only won seven shots. In the know Howard para opponent obvious advantages, why don't you put the ball on his hand? This is worth the lakers thought, and reflect on the question. The second half dwyane wade and a wonderful empty cut into the basket for 2 + 1, he slipped past from the left is kobe Bryant. And then, lebron send classic relay remote transmission, wade in the basket nobody defense, kobe Bryant still long distance, the result is very easily to wade into the ball. In the dislocation play Nash's case wade has a unique and fake bounce the ball, looks like a mistake, did not think of to have to empty cut the basket HaSiLeM, wade this recruit master is in front of a talent show pass. The Los Angeles lakers will staples, against the defending champion Miami heat, the lakers to a 90-99 loss to the heat; The whole game, kobe Bryant for 43 minutes, 25 shots, hit the ball, had 22 points and four rebounds, 1 assists and 1 steals, and at the same time appear six turnovers. When Bryant was small in the perimeter shots rise, dwyane wade and stand out in time, down to the basket score, for the heat stable living situation. Although Bryant to meet wade defense force put into three points, but Kobe 7 USA wade quickly and also with color. The last 1 minute and a half and dwyane wade successful single prevent let Nash offered no space, layup failure. A dozen bucks, kobe Bryant not only in the defensive end force-out Jennings, and on the offensive end, very high off the 31 points and six assists, perfect deduce the leaders themselves, and led the team to two wins. But today they opponent is defending champion Miami heat, this is a test, as kobe Bryant said, "this is a good chance to test ourselves."
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