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In 2008, the birth of Hyperdunk a shine at the moment, it's not only has the Nike team

Posted Mar 05 2012 8:33am
In 2008, the birth of Hyperdunk a shine at the moment, it's not only has the Nike team with the? most powerful shoes in endorsement squad, but also brought us to Flywire as a representative of? many new technology. Three years later, Hyperdunk already by a pair of high-end team to Nike? shoes under the most prestigious basketball shoes series. Hyperdunk 2011 also deserved has become? the next year the most worth having Nike Air Max 2012 Shoes.
Although Hyper series by Eric Avar creation had already replaced Leo Chang, but Hyperdunk 2011 but is still well continue the original design style. Towering supportive and side of large area? Swoosh Logo is Hyper family design. But even the Hyperdunk last year compared Hyperdunk 2010. Leo? Chang new shoes for the Flywire vamp technology in structure on the sweeping reforms. Compared? with previous Flywire placed in the shoe body will surface approach, Leo Chang in Hyperdunk 2011? Flywire will be placed in a lower the shoes. The upper is a layer of nylon cloth surface covered.? On the one hand, make Hyperdunk 2011 on simple sense is superior to the Hyperdunk 2010 "plastic"? vamp, on the other hand also further play of light on the Flywire in advantage.
In addition to vamp material, Hyperdunk 2011 in science and technology in the previous compared? with also a upgrade. As well-known, although the Hyperdunk 2010 before and after the divided the? Zoom Air technology configuration, but no in the place of arches using carbon board. This makes? Nike Air Max 2012 although performance not common, but as a high-end shoes but lack of necessary to? perceived value. And Hyperdunk 2011 not only let carbon board technology back in place, but also? arches the new 3D structure. After the Lebron 8 P.S. in use, the experimental with radian of? carbon board has been applied to the more Nike basketball shoe products. In order to avoid 3D? carbon plate surface damage by the ground tool, stylist still use a layer of the same curved? transparent TPU packag, in order to strengthen its carbon board service life.

If the NBA court has breed a batch of Chinese sneaker, then this <<SLAM DUNK>> cartoon is just like a sneaker intensive textbook, lets you after understanding the unabridged book, instantaneous captures by the story? for the tenacious character and a page of fine and vivid basketball shoe . When you remember the red hair gay,the air jordan 6 & 1 also meets reappears naturally in the mind, this is one kind regarding cartoon knowing well, is gives our profound memory regarding the athletic shoes, but author Inoue Takehiko is precisely unify the athletic shoes culture and the campus cartoon perfectly. This kind of sympathetic chord is unable to let us recall the middle school time, also aftertaste gets up the beloved Nike Air Max shoes which in former days on the foot that even-numbered days date accompanied
From the first pair which robbed from the shoes store boss foot Air Jordan 6,the Sakuragi Hanamichi opens the belonged to himself basketball road, this boot accompany the flier first time won the championship, but it has not helped the Sakuragi Hanamichi to welcome own victory. Air Jordan 6 accompany the Sakuragi Hanamichi to pass through the story majority time, This intense impression feeling has lingered in in our mind,so that the present people were already accustomed to put the Air Max 2012 are called as "Sakuragi Hanamichi Colorways". The end of Story, When received this significance extraordinary air jordan 1 from shoes store boss hands, the Sakuragi Hanamichi had already completed the transformation, the great expectations is placed by athletic shoes owner, also let us to have another kind of edition understanding for the filer boots.
This AIR JORDAN 13 resemble its master in the king mystery, the inspiration comes from the one of the most big carnivorous animal in the planet --black panther, black panther is a symbol of pride.
Dubbed "Gigi" colorway by domestic fans, this Air Jordan 13 also belongs to the Air Jordan 13 Retro collection in Differed from the traditional leather upper of Air Jordan 13, the Air Jordan 13 Retro was designed with woven surface design, which lessen somewhat wildness and make it more Delicacy. This feature push the kicks becoming one of the most popular colorway when the Air Jordan 13 was engraved in the 2004. But on the 2011 edition of Air Jordan 13 Retro "Gigi",? the 3M reflective material on the woven uppers was eliminate, for which the fans are somewhat regret.

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