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I have very modest experience with soldering

Posted Dec 05 2012 3:40am
This Green Laser Pointers comes in our beautiful Black Matte finish. Green lasers has so many uses: * Astronomers * Teachers * Students * Bird Watchers * Presentations * Tour guides * Construction Workers * Scientific * Military * Security applications * Forensics Investigations * Play with pets (Dogs and cats LOVE chasing the laser populate) Use to point out remote tourist attractions Imagine a bright beam of light that is visible from up to 2 miles away! It has a Class IIIa rating, this is the strongest green laser allowed within the law.
Professional projectors with a luminous flux of more than 1, 000 lumen are the main area of application. With its wavelength of 450 nanometer (nm) and output power above the 1 W range, the Laser Diode produces the blue desired and the high optical output required for this application. The long lifetime of the laser diodes allows for a maintenancefree operation of projectors at low energy consumption. Furthermore, the tiny package enables projectors with small form factors.
Medical Applications
Thanks to its high optical output power in the blue spectral range, the PL TB450 laser can be used for various medical applications.
Stage Lighting
Its high beam quality and small form factor make the OSRAM blue high-power laser ideal as a light source for compact and highly efficient laser systems for stage lighting.
Car Head Light fixture
Blue high-power lasers are suitable for the generation of white light. Compared to existing solutions, they are characterized by a very high luminous flux from a tiny area. In the future, this property will facilitate new lighting uses in the car sector.
cheap 200mw lasers are ideal with green laser cross-bow supports because the green color makes creates the high quality and spectacular design of your target object and makes it more visible and clear. It simple and user-friendly and can be used in seminars and meetings as well. It makes your presentation clearly seen and understood without any difficulty. And moreover the green attracts an audience to your presentation.
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