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GS1 released cheap winter coats new guidelines apply to the global apparel supply chain

Posted Oct 10 2012 3:38am
Recently, major U.S. retailers, brand suppliers and technology providers a new guide to reach a consensus. Information standards organization GS1 has announced at the winter coats on sale annual meeting of this new guide - based on RFID technology, the EPC SGTIN-96 sequence code management. Guide for single-grade materials management methods and the best solution to all programs through SGTIN code (GTIN code based on additional cheap winter jackets unique serial code), highlighted in the guide sequence identifier assigned for individual items, and tracking of goods in the global apparel supply chain to achieve with this code. At present, the new guide can GS1 free download on the official website. "The first step of the embodiment of winter coats online store any company should be read with reference to the guide - no matter how high their awareness and participation of the item-level identification this guide full of effort and efforts by the winter ski jackets U.S. GS1 organization, stems from the industry and services in the industry, the apparel retail sector in the next few years will clearly benefit, "Doug Harvel, the Jockey international IT department is responsible for this evaluation. GS1 organization, USA Gena Morgan (the leaders of the organization, this Part, the author of the guide) said, "This is yet another good example of the industry to promote RFID technology is applied to interoperability and warehousing visualization of, Arcteryx Clothing On Sale but different from the past covering the entire garment industry chain, and their use has been extended from the manufacturing plant to the store shelf. Our goal is to provide consistent, practical and effective guidance for practitioners of all the EPC coding and RFID technology; for single items specify SGTIN code, so that different individuals of the same kind of goods with a unique identity, and make full use of radio frequency identification (RFID) Sale Arcteryx Jackets Online technology advantage ensure inventory Arcteryx Clothing On Sale quantity, time, and location data correct. ' Several major U.S. major retailers and well-known brand enterprises set up a working group, specifically responsible for organizing the preparation of the Ministry's new guidelines, including: the Jockey International, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Maidenform, PVH Corp. (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and other few owners of large well-known brands), as well as some of the technology provider. Pam Sweeney, senior vice president of Macy's Logistics Systems Sale Arcteryx Jackets Online Division, said: Spyder Plants"It should be each company books EPC and RFID technology to achieve item-level applications, it allows the company to understand the importance of managing serialization understand serialization management and the relationship between technology, understanding why standardized serialization management is so important. " Serialization is a key component of EPC RFID system applications, and also the first step in the future success of the entire retail supply chain applications, this Cheap Arcteryx Plants Sale guide will help enterprises to make full use of existing technology investment cost optimization program successful EPC single-grade Cheap Moncler Clothing applications, GS1 organization industrial sector vice president said Patrick Javick,. In addition, the guide also provides a duplicate serial number in the case of multi-label run avoidance strategy guide has been identified as supplemental content of GS1 standards, and is included in the world's most widely used GS1 supply chain standards framework.
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