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Get yourself ready to shoot.

Posted by Kim N.

Coaching at a community college, we get a lot of players who are trying to develop their game and try to go on and get a scholarship to a 4-year program. One of the biggest problems that players will have is their taking too long to get ready to shoot the ball. In high school, with slower players, you have much more time to set your shot up and get it off. But, at the college level, the difference in athleticism requires that you get your shot off quicker, or it's just not getting off. You need to get your feet set while the ball is in the air on the way to you. A 1-2 step (for a right-handed shooter - they should do a left, right step) right before you catch the ball gives you momentum and balance to get the ball up faster. If you catch the ball, then squat down, then shoot, you're more than likely going to get the ball swatted right back into your face. Preparing your self to shoot BEFORE you get the ball will decrease the time you need to shoot.
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