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Generally UGG Mocha Tall Boots 5163

Posted Nov 03 2012 6:34am
To, a year three months ago, that investigated to die a task start to once call oneself for'mixed English apprentice Luo the Feng', Oneself also thought at that time, was the cause that translated software and saw now, is this thou the civilization historic relic really knows his/her own name."Your start investigates to die a task, so I would directly call your name."The baldheaded crystal person says" you if investigate failure, is certain to die, can't leak this news.If investigate success, you admissible star of Yun Mo, it is one Gen to is the star of Yun Mo.Will also know my monitor movement star."The star of Wo Mo?"Luo Feng's one Leng.The baldheaded crystal UGG Metallic Classic Short person tiny Gan shakes head:"You know that also equal don't know.""Now, I give you the reward for investigating task success."Once the baldheaded crystal person wave hand, immediately palatial deep place a few products be totally been four products by together colourful simply holding to fly to come over, the vest in black, silverily protect arm, a metal card of book, a piece of hexagon that is suffused with to order some starlight.These four products suspend in the in front of baldheaded crystal person."This first is called that it is a black absolute being suit by you."The baldheaded crystal person points at a black back" the second, this shape that is silvery to protect arm of, is an assistance light brain!"" The third, is control the method of teacher attack escapes a sky "the fourth, is the star of Yun Mo gets into of make a card."The baldheaded crystal person caresses the most behind a piece of hexagon metals card, up has two complicated form of writtens and sighs 1:"I set procedure to do so according to the host, regrettable, you even if get the star of Yun Mo to make card, can not also make the person of the star of Yun Mo come to pick you up, let you get into the star of Yun Mo."Why?What is the star of Yun Mo in"Luo Feng now brains disorderly of very" again?"The star of Yun Mo is among this extensive cosmos, one is mysterious ground of."The baldheaded crystal person looking at Luo Feng" is regrettable I have already canned not contact the star of Yun Mo, you can not lean against to contact the star of Yun Mo the card more, according to this base existence procedure, I am to have to give you this to make a card.But can not use to you either."Luo Feng is dark surprised Sound, this star of Yun Mo should is a mysterious but strong influence , in the cosmos that is!Is as early as once upon a time, build up this ancient civilization historic relic here, monitor the whole on the earth.Generally UGG Mocha Tall Boots 5163 sieve an elite member, admissible that star of Yun Mo.However seem this thou the civilization historic relic can not contact the star of Yun Mo.The estimating the star of Yun Mo is to suffer to rob difficult!Or be dropped by the wings!Flower have no red on the 100th, again strong mysterious influence also the hard abyss of time exist, the historic relic is intact have no Sun, contact not up, certainly is the star of Yun Mo to go wrong."The Yun Mo makes card useless, this black absolute being suit use you have already known.""But this assistance light the brain is the Wu Zhe, spirit of each gene**the UGG Metallic Classic Tall teachers all want.It you have very great use."The baldheaded crystal person says" in addition to own you the whole functions of that communication watch, also have the many other functions the most important 1 be test to find out target real strenght.""Test to find out real strenght?"Luo Feng is very surprised."You put on it."The baldheaded crystal person says" and use spirit**the dint seep through among them."Say that silvery protect arm to fly toward Luo Feng., H'm d"Luo Feng unties his/her own left arm first up original protect arm, take directly silvery protect arm, be one silk spirit**the dint seep through among them, silvery protect arm fast agree with a skin, and silvery protected brachial surface to unexpectedly present a great deal of picture writing, all unexpectedly is a Chinese language."Assistance light the brain also have to translate function.The translation software of "the baldheaded crystal person says" your communication watch, many informations of translation, will leak the secret here, so I already a lot of messages that lead long and pull this inside your communication watch, include and control teacher Mi and spread foundation of 312 the types are all deletions."The Luo Feng dsdhffjhsdkjh point nods.Delete and then delete, afraid of?Oneself's zero 3 bitternesses of months in a year fix, the practice doesn't know how much time, that foundation 312 types early records of roll melon lousy familiar."Press move'assistance only brain, the leftest descend a lateral button, and let assistance only the brain aim at who, can immediately examine whose real strenght."The baldheaded crystal person says" and you can also with the speech and the control."Luo Feng bends over to look below, the button of so-called left bottom side, in fact whole assistance only the brain surface is smooth, just have some line scars to delineate in a few edges button,
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