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dragged his supra shoes for sale exhausted body off again

Posted Nov 09 2012 8:00am
T5 I insist walked there. I'm looking forward to the summit early, so you can eat a meal, I insisted, and finally we reached the summit of North Terrace, a door we asked the monk said, there is no food, the monk said: "No", the father said: give us Hanamaki ah "," Hanamaki did not, for fruit, you eat it, "I looked angry to T5 journey, he said no one realized. We rested for a while in northern Taiwan, dragged his supra shoes for sale exhausted body off again.Originally T5 is a good way to go, but the road does go bad, shrouded in fog and could not see anything, plus gale blowing my East down West shake. I am too tired to want to rest a few times, but they let me go, and said that if we do not go, the wind is even greater, if it grew dark, we really left out, I'm too tired cried.

We got lost in the fog, my father, my mother began to complain T5, said he too easily, Had I known that it will consider whether it should take me to, but still have to go. In fog, we finally saw the walls of the station, this practical. In fact, my mother she would have started to complain, she said angrily: "Anyway, I come here, do not go, who love to go who go!" We went to the temple to shelter from the wind of the supra vaider sale north station, T5 tell us to look for the car down the mountain, the results of more than two hours, and so we are desperate to wait until the vehicle. We catch a ride to the town, only to find the foot of the good weather, I was finally able to rest.My hiking path to take today is half of the marathon, marathon athletes how likes.,
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