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Day magazine says China's woeful artist spy manipulation hatoyama couples

Posted Aug 14 2013 7:42am

Day magazine says China's woeful artist spy manipulation hatoyama couples

"If you have any danger, I will use the body a bullet for you." Japanese wife to comfort a woeful Chinese famous Peking Opera artist Wu Rujun. Wu Rujun wife 11, said in an interview with the global times on July 4 in the morning, she received a phone call from one another, and the usual different is, every time she answer the phone, consciously avoid Wu Rujun. However, when she was preparing breakfast, and said to her husband: "many friends call me to comfort me, let me comfort you, too." On this day, Japan each big morning, urban rail trains, the subway in the great cities of the carriages are published the country's weekly bunshun magazine advertising, advertising has an eye-catching title: "Chinese spies for the manipulation of yukio hatoyama, the prime minister's wife, blame Wu Rujun naming names.

The weekly bunshun, article "graphic" to portray Wu Rujun become "China institute of contemporary international relations" belong "guy". Then, just as reasoning novel, the "China institute of contemporary international relations" and "China's ministry of state security", all messages are from requirements must be anonymous "the Chinese government relationship". Wu Rujun told the global times, said he did not tell his wife wife akie Abe, Japan's prime minister has been called. Akie Abe said: "I'm really sorry you, you did so much for the japan-china exchanges, the magazine is written like that." In addition, the former Japanese prime minister yukio hatoyama also come to the telephone, he said: "don't think, I speak in China to bring you so much trouble."

In an interview, Wu Rujun in a calm mood. He cheap ray ban wholesale said: "there is always some media in Japan, because of commercial interests provoke china-japan relations and misrepresent facts, also especially like shadows, plausibly, labeled as" Chinese spies ". It is important to note that such reports have increasing trend, and married Chinese bride, Japan's self-defense forces officers could be accused of "spy"; diplomats from the Chinese embassy in Japan, is likely to be accused of "spy"; is engaged in the business of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, may be referred to as a "spy", Chinese students are studying at the university of, will be as a "spy", like me, a person engaged in culture and art, also is said to "spy". In their view, Japan is the land of Chinese spies, they help hold media rights, out of nothing, the best of rendering capabilities, radical."

Wu Rujun graduated from drama school in 1984, worked in Chinese Peking Opera. To Japan, he actively engaged in cultural exchanges, and also in Japan's NHK 2005 New Year special show the flow to the new role. In may this year, he held in Japan in major cities "to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the" sino-japanese peace friendship treaty "concert", shinzo Abe, has received, yukio hatoyama, the new komeito party that jin yamaguchi male and other political figures of his message and flower basket.

Wu Rujun said, "I engaged in cultural exchange activities in Japan, can with the Japanese people from all walks of life, especially with so many Japanese politicians senior people, very happy. This means they admire and like Chinese culture, on the other hand they respect Chinese culture and Chinese culture artist. In some media our heads with the cold war mentality, they can't understand this kind of relationship, this is very sad!"

When it comes to associate with Japanese politicians, Wu Rujun, said he and Mr Hatoyama known for more than 20 years, "he's very keen on Chinese culture, art also, so to speak, because we Chinese culture and become attached fake oakley to. In this way, he in the organization, and attend some social activities, often invited me to performances, or Chinese. Japanese journalists sometimes can't go in, I'm an angel as a Chinese culture and Chinese guests, it can go in. Of course, also can someone is jealous, even hold a grudge." Wu Rujun said, and some Japanese politicians is met at the time of performance, now one of the liberal Democratic Party bosses takeshi noda, to watch his performance for many times, so that "addicted". In 2002, takeshi noda once on the then Chinese leaders in Beijing, wen jiabao said, "we are all 'Wu Rujun disease patients."

In Wu Rujun view, art and culture with fake ray ban across national boundaries, beyond national penetration. He said, particularly interesting is that Japan held different political views of politicians, as well as the opposition, the ruling party's politicians, would come with his performance. Sometimes, Mr Abe and his wife, Mr Hatoyama couples will arrive at the same time, they all said, felt a great love from his works the deduction and the pursuit of peace.

For Japanese politics, Wu Rujun said, "it is true that Japanese politics has uniqueness. Many politicians love Chinese culture, willing to associate with Chinese intellectuals. After watching the show, they often find another chance to invite me in-depth communication. There, they have respect for my personal, unique taste of the more about Chinese culture and appreciate the emotions after transfer. Through the medium of art to enhance public, politicians and communication, the two countries should be a good thing."

For the weekly bunshun, as a "spy novel" spun Wu Rujun smiled and said, "the report, shows a media degradation. It tries to use a form of report makes it impossible to argue with cheat readers. To this, I think the best way to respond is to promote the friendship between the two cultural activities carry on step by step, the high-level exchanges with Japan literally." Mrs Wu Rujun also told reporters that Mr Abe in an interview with the weekly bunshun, made it clear that: "because I was deeply moved by the erhu Wu Rujun didn't contact with him. For many years, he has never been and we talk about, inquire about any political thing, how could be a spy?"

The end of the interview, said Wu Rujun, 12 is 35 anniversary of the treaty of peace and friendship between China and Japan, and her birthday coincides with the day. "I felt like I was born for engaging in china-japan friendship." He said humorously, "deng xiaoping said that some people just don't want to see friendship between the two countries. We need to stick to promote friendship between the two, not only in the 20th century in so doing, also want to do in the future." "Now, I'm considering later go out when you wear a headset, show whether Peking Opera clothing out of two antennas above, such, can really like a spy." Say and Wu Rujun roar with laughter.

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