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Curtain call performance of

Posted Dec 25 2012 7:20am
Players born in 1976, should go into the next century after the golden period of his career. But everything is so wonderful - Ronaldo been almost injury defeat. 2000 Italian Cup against Lazio wearing wholesale soccer jersey, he played a few minutes they fall thereafter left the field for nearly a year. The turn of the century, I hope the end, while Ronaldo has a distinguished reputation, but it is the 76th most do not see a future.
End of the century, Barcelona, led by Guardiola auxiliary field four kings previously combos, called the European arena offensive dream team. Euro 2000 Barcelona into a trough period of up to 3 years. The downturn team by the downturn players the Dutch juvenile fledgling maintained single ball will enter amazing record after fame vagrant front is no longer magic, this period Kluivert, indulge in nightclub The court also often encounter ball shortage, but the Barcelona fans accepted him.
Tristan compared among the Spanish national team and has been the number 10 football jerseys, with competition Morientes very tough day. Unsuccessful Euro 2000 national team in soccer uniform, has undergone a long goal drought Fortunately, scored five goals in the game against the underdog, Morientes was declared returned.
Portuguese Gomez is not so lucky. On the European Championship semi-finals, he was dissatisfied with the referee and was suspended for six months. Ahead of the lifting of the ban, he came back as if a different person, the entire season, only nine goals. The second season, the Florence club weakness filling, but to see Gomez only five league goals at a glance is a spent force.
Totti is another classic contest tragic figure - in the Netherlands in 2000, he "creating" a "spoon" penalty, but the Frenchman's golden goal ruined Italian champion; Korea in 2002, he harvested shameless referee Moreno's red card, the stop 8; 2004 in Portugal, is a disgrace to the apex of his impulsive saliva not only put yourself in the endless criticism, but also even the group stage, Italy neither qualify.
Ronaldo after the fall of the entire 2000-2001 season, not a game. Inter Milan defeat to city rivals AC Milan, reduced to the point of playing the UEFA Cup.
Match of the UEFA Cup, Ronaldo was benched Yanmianerqi. Perhaps he knew: the end of an era. 5 years, Milan in Ronaldo's eyes is not a fashion capital, but an injury City.
Ronaldo "dead" in those days to go. After the resurrection, the care he understands he can no longer rely on the powerful impact speed and maneuvering crowd pleaser. 24 years old, he was faced with the danger of retired.
The golden age of prosperity describe is also the beginning of the end of the Golden Age - accompanied by the inevitable subsequent huge drop. 76th naturally no exception, have reached the pinnacle of their career at the turn of the century, the next century they they will be lost due to various reasons, leaving only fond memories. 
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