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consumers only enjoy expensive and difficult to enjoy distinguished

Posted Nov 06 2012 7:42am
Thumbnail: Title: LV trap quality Door Ymcmb clothing consumers only enjoy expensive and difficult to enjoy distinguished Content: According to Voice of China "CNR News" reported that, as consumer demand to upgrade our luxury from the past few elite only has exclusive consumer products into mass consumer goods for the middle class. However, in contrast with sales soaring by the straight-line luxury after-sales service was mediocre, with these big Ymcmb clothes brand serious discrepancies. The buying experience of domestic consumers of luxury goods are mostly expensive, but difficult to enjoy distinguished. World famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton (also known LV), recently experienced frequent complaints and questioned the quality of the product. In fact in the body of the LV, such quality issues disputes have been a common occurrence. Louis Vuitton is the world-renowned Cheap YMCMB Snapback Hats luxury brand, however, the Tianjin consumers Mr Wei did not expect to spend 7,980 yuan to buy LV brand men's shoes, wear less than 10 days, which shoe uppers folds appeared more at the leather cracked and curled. Louis Vuitton's appraisal department only by virtue of the photos and the clerk described finds that the shoe is not a quality problem, they think it is dressed in frequency and use the environment YMCMB Sleeveless Hoodie caused by the leather tilt, this conclusion Mr. Wei done an injustice endless. The LV shoes she bought According to Tianjin consumer Ms. Wang reflect the same quality issues, the rights of the same bumpy road. On January 21 this year, Ms. Wang LV store in Tianjin Friendship Shopping Center spent 5,000 yuan to buy a pair of LV shoes. Wore a few days later, the two shoes toe on both sides of the varying YMCMB Sweatpants degrees of collapse. Subsequently, Ms. Wang to find the LV store, the staff took a few pictures, and said it would spread to the Shanghai headquarters were identified. More than a dozen days later, Ms. Wang learned that the Shanghai headquarters identified that the shoes do not belong to the quality problems, not returned or maintenance. Ms. Wang again demanded the LV boutique returned shoes, the staff of the shoes by returning to Shanghai headquarters cheap winter jackets were identified, conclusions or that the shoes do not have quality problems. LV staff also said that the shoes have quality problems, Ms. Wang can ask the quality inspection departments were identified. But Ms. Wang Contact several domestic quality inspection departments learned that, because that has passed through the shoes, and can not be identified. On May 20, the person in charge of the LV Shanghai headquarters, Mr. Tan said, LV all luxury brand Sale Arcteryx Jackets Online sales maintenance center, the only one in China. Consumers buy shoes appear does not quality problems, not sales maintenance. Mr. Tan said, will again contact the LV store, and Reply reporters. The reporter also contacted the Tianjin Friendship Shopping Center, the person in charge of the commercial building luxury department Miss Xia told reporters that because of a lease LV store operations, they have no right to intervene in disputes. But so far, also received Discount Spyder Clothes On Sale a the LV reply. In fact, LV quality problems have been questioned in the country is not the first time, in 2008, 2011, LV occurred backpack open plastic quality. And the same for the international big-name brands such as GUCCI, PRADA products in recent years, there have been quality problems. Background Recently, the China Luxury Association Vice President Miss Jin Hongna accept interviews deep parsing luxury overseas purchasing reasons, and domestic luxury brand put forward personal Cheap Kids Spyder Jackets & Pants Sale views. Kim, vice president for streamlined three factors: First, the price factor, due to the comprehensive import tax rates, the tax rate of the sales cycle, multinational distribution system, pricing system, the price of luxury goods in China and other countries, a huge difference ; Second, the supply factors, due multinationals distribution system constraints, some luxury brands in China did not carry out sales. Three convenient ways to buy, consumers can stay at home to buy international brand-name Spyder Plants goods from abroad. When it comes to luxury goods market situation and development prospects of China's e-commerce, she pointed out, in the second half of this year, China Luxury Association will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, China Customs, and e-commerce businesses luxury e-commerce in China Development Forum, temporary face for the luxury goods industry professional to carry out the discussion.
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