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Coach factory outlet, Luxury brand social networks into Chinese market

Posted Jan 19 2013 3:45am

Although social network cannot replace the real life, but it can't be denied, the social networking platform has brought changes in turn the world upside down to all walks of life, including the luxury industry. No matter is one of the marketing tools or " shortcut, or for the young ". Luxury brands are launched a social network subordinate war.
In the micro-blog, can watch the world coach factory outlet each big luxury brands official micro-blog; in an Apple Store, the official mobile applications can download each big brand; in the video web site, also can find released video of the official account...... Social media as an important communication channel, no one would have to question its commercial value, it is for the luxury brand is the most value, so that a luxury brand can communicate with the consumers like the natural person in the virtual world of network.
The famous social networking site Facebook registered users has exceeded 800000000 mark, Sina micro-blog registered users has reached 300000000, face if the huge market, merchants may be unable to hide one's greed, social network " many voices speaking " comments often let these top brand image, to achieve both " high-end image " and " high transmission rate " the social network, and it is not an easy thing. In the luxury sector, some brands of mining social network relatively early, are now beginning to take shape, but also some brand is more willing to stick to the traditional, but the network as an auxiliary tool. In any case, looking for digital media luxury brand. What is the breakdown has successfully seized the social networking opportunities?
Who also have never been thought. In the digital world to show its mettle in the luxury brand list, topped the of the British old and famous luxury brand. This " first name " title for Burberry is absolutely true, because the Burberry is the first luxury brand, live fashion show in the online name first used 3d coach factory outlet online sale technology live show, the first brand of clothing and accessories will show on the catwalk at the same time from the website of public spending in the sale of the brand.
Early in 2009, Burberry launched the website " Art of the Trench (windbreaker Art) ", people can upload their own photos in Burberry coat, and share or comment yolakss40 on other people's photos, and all the photos can coach factory outlet online sale also direct link first pass the personal website or Facebook page. In addition to ordinary users to upload participation, Burberry has also a number of occupation photographers take pictures and upload, to ensure that the content of the site quality. Then in 2010, Burberry in London fashion week shows the scene through the Internet in the global store simultaneously broadcast live, attracted a large number of love Burberry fans frenzy. In 2011 April, Burberry a " 3d holographic image show" was held in Beijing. Show Burberry using digital technology just completed a grand visual feast with 6 models. The 3d show that day in 20 sites worldwide simultaneously broadcast live, about 8900000 effective keywords information by Internet search engines, only in Sina micro-blog day there are more than 150000 micro-blog forwarding, more than 65 comments, the cumulative effective coverage reached number about 30000000. In 2011 September, 2012 spring summer London fashion week,
Burberry in about 500000 twitter fans to enjoy the " privilege of fashion VIP ": In the models wearing new boarded the T station show, the photographer's photos will be uploaded to Twitter's account. At the same time, to show broadcast on the official website of the Burberry, Youtube, Sina micro-blog and actor cruel net; and, in the iTunes established a music album, coach factory outlet online, a collection of all the music playing in the coach factory outlet conference.
In the aspect of social media construction, so far, the official website of Burberry has appeared in 6 languages in the form of 45 countries, the official show the pictures commented coat has more than 3700000 articles; in the Facebook, Burberry already coach factory outlet online has about 10000000 fans, Twitter fan reached 700000; while in China, Burberry has been opened brand home in Sina micro-blog, Youku, watercress, happy website.

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