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classmates bed companions sing their hearts air max 97 hyperfuse sale out

Posted Nov 17 2012 2:17am
The screaming did not do anything. Finally, I hugged or no resistance to where the abyss. My tears as the water of the Yellow River burst its banks in full flight, flooded. Just felt - the chaos leaves turn crow, convulsion broken geese That angle Gounsa misty chill settled down to heart. Finally, I fainted.When I woke up, only to find my wings injured, the blood stream. But I did not feel the piercing pain in the wound, but the the former classmates bed companions sing their hearts air max 97 hyperfuse sale out in the branches, but I can only silently stay aside secretly Chouyan.Then I thought: Why can I only Little Bird can not look swift and fierce as the eagle strong admiration by the people, not like a peacock as beautiful, not like cute, flowers, see flowers, car see car tire magpie as loved by others, inferiority complex arises spontaneously.

I do not know if I can return to the sky, the vast expanse of deep blue sky. That the fall is not just my body along with my heart and will together fall.That may be a noble words: the road of life, snowstorms, thorns forested, rocky constantly; That may be the maxim: smooth road only legalistic thinking shortcut in life has always been experienced bumps and ups and downs after impressively flashed; perhaps sobering lesson: If you miss the sun and tears, then you will lose the stars; That might be a start thinking about the story: After the air max 2011 leather uk birth of a baby eagle, did not enjoy comfortable life for a few days, we must accept that the mother almost brutal training, the key step is the mother eagle Young Eagles brought aloft or cliff, and then they fell out, and some young eagle timid mother alive wrestling dead.
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