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Posted Jan 31 2013 6:16am
Such a self-contained man I never saw. But in clarisonic mia 2 that quality, as in 
every other he possessed, he only seemed to be the more 
respectable. Even the fact that no one knew his Christian name, 
seemed to form a part of his respectability. Nothing could be 
objected against his surname, Littimer, by which he was known. 
Peter might have been hanged, or Tom transported; but Littimer 
was perfectly respectable. 

It was occasioned, I suppose, by the reverend nature of 
respectability in the abstract, but I felt particularly young in this 
man’s presence. How old he was himself, I could not guess—and 
that again went to his credit on the same score; for in the calmness 
of respectability he might have numbered fifty years as well as 

Littimer was in my room in the morning before I was up, to 
bring me that reproachful shaving-water, and to put out my 
clothes. When I undrew the curtains and looked out of bed, I saw 
him, in an equable temperature of respectability, unaffected by the 
east wind of January, and not even breathing frostily, standing my 
boots right and left in the first dancing position, and blowing 
specks of dust off my coat as he laid it down like a baby. 
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