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Chinese people have never been so supra vaider uk elated and so full of confidence

Posted Jan 22 2013 7:09am
The May Fourth Movement and gather together not only the modern Chinese thought reform FY brewing a greater span of historical change, is a milestone in the history of the democratic revolution.The May 4th Movement was a great patriotic movement, is a great ideological emancipation movement. It raised "outside our sovereignty, within Correctional traitor" slogan, it carried the struggle against imperialism and feudalism struggle is the First Great Awakening of the Chinese nation; May Fourth Movement to promote a new culture, against the old culture, to supra society uk promote scientific and democratic, and opposing superstition and despotism, has played an important role in promoting the spread of Marxism in China, for the birth of the Communist Party of China. Over time, the impact of the May Fourth Movement, the historical process of China, long time, great.

Commemorating the May Fourth Movement, to promote the May Fourth tradition, the Fourth spirit into today's reform and opening up and socialist modernization cause, to make it flourish, is of great significance. Carry forward the the Fourth tradition and raised the banner of patriotism and progress to higher. The prosperity of the country, to ignorance and poverty, the Chinese nation to stand among the nations of the world, followed one after another of several generations of Chinese people strive for the ideal. Chinese people have never been so supra vaider uk elated and so full of confidence for the future and the future of. This is the most magnificent chapter of patriotism in the writing of the Chinese people under the new historical conditions. Today, we speak of patriotism, progress, and is to work hard, hard work. In view of this, we will be responsible to history, the sacred mission assigned.
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