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cheap jordan sc 1 for sale to learn

Posted Mar 01 2013 8:31am

Le Bee Network advantage of many of its East popular programs such as "Beautiful Bride" will vigorously promote specialty skin care products on the the static good and people. Why   cheap jordan melo m8 sale    Le Bee Network drainage needs to own brand? The reason is that this part of the profits to make up for the loss of the agency brand.

It is understood that Le Bee Network has 10 million users, cumulative purchase users reached 400 million, own brands accounted for 30% of overall sales, Wang Licheng hope that one day in the future this figure can become 70%, price war the short term, the best way to attract users.Wang Licheng revealed that, each time the price cheap jordan play in these 2   postwar retained 50% of the users, of course, Wang Licheng not dare to hope for 100% of users leave, but he hopes that by the stars, experts of user influence, so that the user really left.

If we say that the "price war" saying there are reservations, Wang Licheng then Oriental fashion CEO, founder Li Jing Le Bee Network is more "heroic". In her opinion, this year's price war is   cheap jordan sc 1 for sale   to learn from an outsider to enter the non-professionals, "just more to know how to do."We are a bunch of crazy people, the thing we want to understand, we will be biting tightly. Example, we do television, now television is very powerful, but all throw off our good activities are so we do our company is small, but placing children is not for general corporate. "Jing said.
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