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cheap air jordan 11 shoes phone

Posted Mar 01 2013 8:26am

Notification is not made to the user under the premise, cloud technology to control the behavior of the mobile cheap air jordan 11 shoes phone user privacy Android application market also occur frequently.According to the reporter, get "Angry Birds" and "Fruit Ninja" variety of popular mobile game operating companies in China as the sole authorized agent game music funny game, its official website musical halt the game's official website offers 59 models of Android in addition to gravity Kid can not download the remaining 58 games, the behavior of the 44 models exist steal user privacy, including the more well-known "Fruit Ninja", "bird blasting," chicks and rushed forward.

The reporter on music funny game agents operating in "Red Alert: World Alliance" and "Red Alert (the official localization genuine) two games the actual investigation. The above games in without notifying the user case, part of the collected user privacy cheap air jordan 9 shoes include: Upload from mobile phone number, upload Google gmail account, upload machine ID, the screen resolution, the machine has been installed applications list all of the machine's contact name and phone and E-mail address to receive the clouds instructions to download other applications, upload music funny game center login name, upload the current location information.

Which upload all contact names and telephone numbers and e-mail address to receive cloud instructions to download cheap air jordan 10 retro shoes other applications more bad behavior. Save this reporter the relevant evidence.Reporters learned from the number of people in the industry agree that the transfer of user privacy information without the user's agreement phenomenon is not uncommon, mainly to expand the service to meet the application needs access to basic information, but are generally not interested in all the contacts The list, as well as e-mail address for the transfer of the cloud will not receive instructions to download other applications. The latter practice is a user-friendly data mining, to expand precision marketing, secretly injected into other applications for joint promotion to the user's mobile phone, may be worse is selling user privacy data, in order for him to use.
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