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cheap adidas js bear the mind waves in the sky when you put him back research

Posted Jan 04 2013 3:24am

 Sometimes, adidas jeremy scott 1.0 sale   we can carry out the same research topic analysis, and can also be integrated analysis methods should be taken in the child that you have to use an integrated approach to guide him. These two methods simultaneously, can play the role of mutual authentication. From two opposing locations starting at the same time, through different routes and meet together when bound to make him feel very surprised, so surprised sense of very pleasant. Example, I teach geography, talked about the rotation of the Earth is necessary from the poles to teach from, and thus start from where we live measure the various parts of the globe.

 When children study celestial body, cheap adidas js bear   the mind waves in the sky when you put him back research division of the earth, and, above all, to tell him to listen to his own place to live.The first two places in his geography class, he lived in the city and the country house of his father, then the towns and villages between the two locations and nearby rivers, finally speak the look of the sun and orientation method. Here is the meeting point. Called his own all of these paintings into a map, a very simple map, at first only draw two places, and then when he knew or estimated elsewhere in the distance or position, only come to those places plus chart. You can now see that we teach him to take the compass method in their own eyes, to give him what a big weapon.
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