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but it will not nike air max 2011 cheap go away in the stream of time

Posted Dec 11 2012 7:47am
Hsi Mu-jung said: "Youth is a too hasty." Yes, our youth goes by too fast, junior high school for three years not less, but it feels very quickly. Perhaps, the good times are very short. Three years, I have met a lot of good friends, and I think that they might not encounter as they so special. Farther and farther in the path of friendship, a look back, that we were gone for three years. Feeling of leaving my good friend should, I'm trying to let myself not recalled, but they can not control their own loss. Later, I relieved: those fond memories is the testimony of our friendship!Now, I can only say that our friendship is gone once, but it will not nike air max 2011 cheap go away in the stream of time, it lasted until we do not know the future. This friendship is like one of the brightest of the brightest browser, it pierced the night sky at the same time, also my left beautiful moments ... "wide deeds of life and death, and the child into that. Hold hands, and sub- conjugal bliss. "This is probably a very sad poem.

People tend to a paradoxical thinking: happy, imagine the scene of the difficulty comes; sad when conceived happiness happiness in the future. However, when the suffering when it arrived, they began to resent the original "Youth do not know real depression; when happiness really came, they dwell on past pain and happiness' So, only a handful of people, when he says that he is happy.Imagine that life smooth feelings couple day party suddenly said: "I want life to stay by your cheap nike air max 2012 side. 'Then the party certainly doubt which is not a problem or because of his (her) health problems, or because he (or she) has a change of heart so rarely say "I love you" like an old couple discourse. said to have a problem. because this contradictory thinking.
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