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blown away by the heat wave jordan 4 for sale and blow

Posted Oct 03 2012 7:26am
The taste of summer, many people infected in this moment of light eternal, hot air, fingers cool earth, miss such Pomo, float to the surface layers of rendering Today each other across the time to look at the other side, the other side of the summer youth is one day at a mature, your smiling face, shallow singing wan word Shengruxiahua bloom like the whisper in the air, that touch of white beat of my heart, interpretation July Meteors beautiful memorial.Taste of summer, hot air, hot memories, hot friendship; plume of the wind, blown away by the heat wave jordan 4 for sale and blow away the worries, blowing worried dash. May my greeting, a touch of shade for your shade, shelter from the rain; Let my blessing, is a rainbow, you reap a surprise; I would like to pray, a spring, cool and straight to your heart.Summer taste, fine, no rain, only the sun baked the earth, flowing together, along with my thoughts, unable to find a quiet mind, boiling red beans and hot thoughts warm beating heart of pure plastered keyboard Only your name, I stared at the familiar words, bit by bit since we met thought, once the hate you naughty smiled and troubles seemed so feeble.The taste of summer, waiting jordan 11 for sale to see a blue sky, that an exposure to one of the style, you see the horizon flowing clouds, hard to tell me whether you only the scenery? Tell you, I want to find a quiet haven. When the summer wind moving, but it is not Chuijin, in my heart calling your name, I do not know whether people in distant children induction? gently put down the sweet worried, in fact, you can understand my Song of concentration.Taste of summer, a hot sentiments you express, for those who know how to or understand softly cheers, no regrets life on the road, it is a unique landscape, gently sang with sincerity, I think of you in a Delicate cloud light of day, so when the sky was clear and opacity.37 degrees I look up to the sky the summer wind cloud still elegant, so light, so pure; 365 days tasting bittersweet, with the jordan retro 13 for sale exception of the taste of summer is so sweet, so soft, I can forget all worries so quietly waiting, waiting for the taste of summer. Quiet night, the clock is ticking along, is 23:00. Each bedroom has long been lights out, only palace Brightking office lights, Miyamoto Yi Chen are with him plus the rising number of documents.Palace, Jun Yao upset, would have the file, and his mind has been flashed dream Jane and Matsumoto still picture. Heart, began to hurt. That the bean sprouts women and Matsumoto still might not just old acquaintances may be lovers it? "He thought," Why would I want this? Even if they are lovers tell me jordan alpha 1 what is the relationship? "Relationship." My heart there is a The voice said, "have a great relationship, or how I will be sad?" he impatiently push the paper in hand, many of the documents falling on the ground, "What is the relationship?" he shouted to ask his own heart.
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