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Alternate Uses For Your Air Hockey Table

Posted Nov 09 2012 1:17am
Let’s face it cheap Patriots Tom Brady jersey. There are times when you need some extra space. A little bit more room, preferably a horizontal surface. What to do, what to do?Let’s say that you’re having your parents over for dinner in your new apartment. It’s the first time you’ve cooked for them (beyond toast and franks and beans when you were 9), and while you’re nervous, you’re kind of excited, too. The problem is that you don’t happen to own a table and chairs.Since you don’t want dear old mom eating off her lap while balancing on your futon, you need a table-like surface. Looking around, you spot the ideal place. Air hockey tables, while flat, are a bit higher than the normal dining table, but it should do nicely.Throw on a tablecloth (you can pick up some nice ones pretty cheap at your favorite discount store), draw up some chairs and you’re good to go. I suggest a vinyl tablecloth, as it will be water-proof. You never know if something might spill, forever clogging the air holes on your table!Another time your air hockey table might double as a place for food and drink is when you might be throwing a party. When it’s time to serve dinner, us a cardboard cover under that handy table cloth and set-up the buffet. Once everyone’s had their fill, you can remove the cover and challenge your friends to a friendly game or two.Perhaps you’re not much of a cook or party-thrower, but your sister’s boyfriend is in town cheap Packers Aaron Rodgers jersey. While she is fairly certain that he’s “the one”, you may not be so sure. Since it seems that he’s going to bunk with you, you’ll need somewhere to put him. The futon is much too lumpy; and besides your dog sleeps there. What to do, what to do?Throw a quilt on the good old air hockey table, and you’ve an instant guest bed! With luck, he’ll have a bad back, and truly enjoy the, shall we say, firmness of the table? He’ll be up out of the way, and you’ll be letting him know that while you’re accepting him as your sister’s boyfriend, you by no means are sure of him personally cheap Jets Tim Tebow jersey.Yet another use for your air hockey table might be as a work surface. If you’ve had to bring work home from the office or even from school and need a good wide desk, your air hockey table stands ready to serve. With plenty of room to spread out, you’ll have a good working surface – one that is safe from your dog walking all over!Need a place to sort your CD collection? Cleaning out a bookshelf or closet? The air hockey table is a perfect temporary resting place for these items cheap Redskins Robert Griffin III jersey. Getting ready to have a garage sale? Store your sale items (temporarily) on your air hockey table. It’s an excellent staging area to price your junk for the sale.No matter what you need it for, your air hockey table stands ready, willing, and able to help. Who knew it could be so versatile? 
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