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Air Max 90 can have so great charm

Posted Oct 13 2011 6:43am
Air Max 90 can have so great charm, of course not only depends on its outstanding appearance, it reflected the high performance, also attracted a group of runners demanding professionals. Air Max 95 uses a full palm Max air cushion, I think this is an unprecedented welcome by all the reasons, because the history of Cheap Air Max 95 Men and the first pair with air cushion shoes, perhaps to prove it the authentic, palmar as well designed for window air cushion, which also achieved Air Max 91 into the first Nike soles on the exposed Air bag design. And it is worth mentioning that the Air Max 93 heel cushion is used in Nike in 1994 developed the latest technology, the multiple pressure air chamber air system, English name is PSI. PSI is divided into 5PSI and 25PSI, 5PSI air chamber greatly improves the running comfort, 25PSI gas chamber can increase the stability of sports shoes. The structure of PSI is in a tough synthetic rubber cushion partitions, to the high voltage, in different parts of the body into different pressure ratio of special gas, air cushion in special gas not due to external pressure impact and erosion, as the player provides maximum shock absorbers, protective, stability and comfort. Air Max 95 uses the heel is more available to run the 5PSI comfort, while the first movement of the forefoot is adopted in the transverse tubular structure, used in conjunction with running the buckling of the repeated movements, Air Max 95 front and hind paw of large air cushion unit to replace the traditional PU in the end, it will make jogging becomes lighter, more comfortable, and more stable. It is a pity to later return in 1996 year time Air Max 95 with Max Air PSI system, other subsequent versions have removed this technology.
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