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a total area of ​​110,000 square meters

Posted Nov 30 2012 3:08am
Varying township investment, the county build gardens enclave Merchants Park to build, the project strokes, sharing achievements, not only the complete elimination of

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smoke "extensive industrial development pattern to solve some counties due to poor location advantages "bottleneck" restricting

investment and more from the source under control of land size, to achieve the effect of intensive land. Accounting concentrate on building industrial park than

dispersing building only the road network and other public facilities, a reduction of 945 hectares of land and conservation of land 11%, and nine pass one level "inputs

the city more to save $ 94.5 million. Construction Shen iron industrial corridor, the implementation of the "enclave Merchants, the corridor has been the introduction

of the project 1867, put into operation in 1222 enterprises, industrial output value of 156.66 billion yuan, 2.93 billion yuan to complete the tax, placement of 13.02

million people. A concentration of industry, industry concentration, land intensive-featured, high-quality service, good ecological industrial gold Gallery has been


Urban and rural planning and dovetail construction agricultural industry base. Better protect arable land and basic farmland for urban and rural development, the

Tieling strict delineation of v arable land and basic farmland protection areas, and focus on building the central plains area of ??commodity grain, the traffic developed

regions vegetables north along the Liaohe sandy peanut and eastern mountain hazelnut 4 100 million acres of agricultural professional production base and sub-regional

plans, step-by-step comprehensive management of low-grade low-yielding fields. Since 2005, has invested 320 million yuan, the total implementation of land consolidation

(development, reclamation) Project 58, finishing 25.8 million acres of land, the new and the recovery of 3.8 million mu of arable land, both to improve the quality of

the land, but also increased the cultivated area, After finishing the land to improve crop yields and economic returns of 20% or more.

Integration of urban and rural stock of state-owned construction land, construction of key livelihood projects. In recent years, Tieling City, vigorously transformation

within the city limits to Guantingbingzhuan enterprises and squatter settlements, the integration of urban land resources, to focus on the development and construction

of green parks Square affordable housing projects, large-scale trade and logistics projects focus on livelihood projects. This year, through the integration of the

stock of the old city-owned construction land resources, the new residents of the enclave and residential area, maintenance, alteration Fitness Plaza 25, a total area

of ??66,430 square meters. 70,000 square meters overall after the demolition of shantytowns kaoshantun, a total area of ??110,000 square meters, the site will be used

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Longshoushan ecological environment and the overall landscape. The shantytowns old will eventually be built in a beautiful

landscape of the central city.
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