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6 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Most Suitable Football Gear For You

Posted Oct 08 2012 2:52am
Football cheap Alex Smith Jersey is a favorite past time of many Americans cheap Nnamdi Asomugha Jersey. It can be a physically challenging sport but the thrill of the competition will always be one of the main reasons why players love this game cheap Michael Crabtree Jersey. Either you are a football player or a coach; you know how essential it is to purchase the right football gears in order for you to protect yourself from the physical stress this game can inflict. Like any other football player, you must possess football equipment that can match like those of NFL team helmets in terms of quality and performance. Therefore, it is important for you to take note of these essential tips before you start buying your football equipment.• Choosing football shoes can be tricky. You should buy them according to what position you play. Usually high-top cleats are designed for linemen who needs extra ankle support for lateral movements. On the other hand, mid-cut shoes are especially made for quarterbacks, running backs, and corner backs for support as well as maneuverability in the field. Wide receivers typically make use of low-cut cleats that are lightweight and can easily be maneuvered.• Shoulder pads are also important gears that take a lot of consideration. You should first ask your coach or other store experts on which shoulder pad is right for your position. In contrast, knee, tailbone, and hip pads are chosen according to how perfectly it fits your body. Quality of these pads should be a priority because these gears give you maximum protection while playing the game.• Football shoes are also selected in relation to the type of field you are playing on. The preferred choice for playing on turf is molded cleats. Alternatively, detachable cleats are best used on a grass field. You can purchase used shoe cleats but it is advised to get a new one to get the most out of your performance.• Choosing the perfect football helmet should not depend on how cool looking it is or because it models your favorite NFL team helmets. It is important that you choose a helmet that is large enough to give you just adequate room and a little bit space to feel comfortable at the same time is tight enough to stay put and not fall off. Attached to the helmet is the face mask. You should choose one that has several bars for protection if you are a lineman but if you are a quarterback, it is recommended you select one which has fewer bars for greater visibility. You should also consider the jaw pad and chin strap that will ideally fit the size of your helmet. If you are planning to buy a used one, it is suggested you make sure it is in good condition.• It is also advised that you buy a rubber mouth protector to protect your dentals from breakage at the course of this strenuous sport.• An athletic supporter or a jockstrap is also an essential gear for medical protection cheap Mario Manningham Jersey. Choose one that is either has a soft or hard cup insert to keep your genitals safe during the game.When it comes to selecting the right football gear, always remember to ask for expert advice before purchasing the final one. These protective gears come in different sizes and prices so it is important to meticulously check its quality. Do not buy cheap ones that are of poor quality. It is always best to look around and buy gears that are of finest value at the same time can fit into your budget. 
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