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10 Ways to Lose Weight Watching the NCAA Tournament

Posted May 06 2008 7:02pm

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament started today. I am sure you all have your brackets ready. This year I am very excited because my beloved University of Miami Hurricanes are in the tournament. Now, I do not have the ‘Canes winning the tournament in my brackets, but I have them winning it in my heart.

I am going to spend a lot of time watching basketball games, so I decided to come up with some calorie burning exercises to perform during the games.

March Madness Weight Loss Strategies

1. Burpees. At the start of each quarter do 10 Burpees. These are great full body exercises. How To Video

2. Water. At the end of each half, drink a glass of water. Water is good for weight loss and overall health.

3. Walk. During half-time, take a 10 minute or half-a-mile walk. You can burn many calories walking at a brisk pace.

4. Squats. Do 10 Body Squats every other commercial. A great exercise for the lower body. How To Video

5. Lunges. Do 10 Body Lunges on with each leg during the commercial that you do not do squats. Another great exercise for the lower body. How To Video

6. Jumping Jacks. Do 20 Jumping Jacks every time someone hits a three-pointer. Jumping Jacks are not as good as Burpees, but they are a good total body exercise. How To Video

7. Push-Ups. Do 10 Push-Ups every time someone misses a three-pointer. Push-Ups are a good exercise for your chest and triceps. How To Video

8. Crunches. Do 20 Crunches every time someone dunks the ball. You don’t want to neglect your core. How To Video

9. Chair Dips. Do 10 Chair Dips every time a mascot does something stupid or annoying, such as breathing. Chair Dips are good triceps builders. How To Video

10. Shoulder Bridge. Do 20 slow Shoulder Bridges every time the announcer says something such as: “If they could simply stop the other team from scoring, they would have a chance”. Shoulder Bridges really work the Glutes. How To Video

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