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Posted Dec 01 2012 3:11am
Fashionista Chicago gets the inside scoop on Ed Hardy’s next venture after making it big with his fashion apparel and accessories and what he hopes you will learn from his new DVD, Tattoo The World, just released today! Mysterious and talented Donald Ed Hardy dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist while other boys at ten years of age were dreaming of becoming a fireman or a policeman. He was fascinated Fasion Warm Burberry Scarf with art and texture at an early age and found his calling when he visited his first tattoo parlor at ten years of age at the local state fair. In this new and edgy world, he found solace. Creating permanent art on the body was the medium that would one day make “Ed Hardy” a global name. With visions of pierced hearts, flaming eyeballs and bloody skulls, Hardy started painting his friends with black Maybelline eyeliner to use as his outline and a bevy of colors to create body art. As you can imagine, he became a hit and at the same time, a bit of a rogue in the art circle. But that didn’t stop talented Hardy to pursue his dreams of tattooing. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, he turned down a scholarship at Yale to work with Sailor Jerry Collins, a well-known tattoo Fasion christian audigier jeans artist who got his start by practicing on drifters in Hawaii. Through his apprenticeship, Hardy went to Japan to study with a Japanese classical tattoo artist Horihide. This Japanese influence would soon be the turning point in his career, opening new exciting doors back home.
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