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Posted Jan 26 2013 2:41am
He said, I am married to Shao Jun as a man, he convinced, be happy for meAnd also non contact, I also more and more admired her grasp of marriage, she really is a smart woman, let me and we all admire Xiaonan became my buried deep in the heart of the pain and sweet Xiangyang said gave me a painting, I opened it, see the painting is six months ago in the swimming pool on coach factory outlet the edge of my wet, long hair draped over his shoulders, write on the face full of self exile When I got out of the car, he suddenly turned, handed me something, is his card, his forehead with a thin layer of sweat, he also turned to write on a channeling digital, said: rarely met, contact the future " Need each other sincere love between husband and wife, pure friendship, warm in nature, and the mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, mutual care, without these, marriage is the balloon, a touch will break This is their first meeting "The man again and he said sorry, but let him uncomfortable, do not know what to say, okay, this man seems to have in their memories, slowly sipping coffee, slowly and he spoke about her If I really love husband, can you see him unprecedented! Finally, I finally understand, elim pregnant At this time, my work entered the track, and arrange a very important job for me is responsible for But marriage is also a belief, Feng Yan ought to family responsibilities that her love, maybe one day soon sheThe husband can quickly repent, aware of their subjective consciousness have been wrong, and then came back to his wife's side, collage that broken familySo, education, culture, temperament you, look at your boyfriend, probably not a dish was delicious pork They are so good to me, I do not know how to returnThe first thing back home, is to open the trunk, the above is a picture of MuziThe mood is depressed me, one day and reunion drink wine, a few words about Muzi's complaint, a few classmates advised me to coach factory outlet break up with Muzi I was finally in the " legend " in a respected friend from the dayMarriage is the agenda in love after a year has been put on, though the two conditions differ very far, but the Cheng Fei family is very open-minded I want to ask something, I did say, my question is: How have you been these years? He did not directly answer, but asked me, do you?What can I say? I found a suitable person to marry, but coach factory outlet online these years I had not happy, or to tell him about the deep love you ten years ago? I need can not be said, can let my palpitation is the feeling is stillI can give her mother do some rice, most care of mother live to the gold body Then why did he will marry me? Is it just because of the age, unable to hold oneself back? Suddenly, I suspect this marriageI suddenly on Laohe full of gratitude, even said many thanksFrom hand to hug, may have several months That day we drank 20 bottles of beer, I was drinking a bottle of a bottle, a long time not so happy She also appears to lack the ability to distinguish enough After he left, I said to him: must wait for me, I was ill lend a friend money, I will find youWe are also from Beijing to come back, and then opened a shop, when the boss With a cup of tea, Yang Lei gave a simple review on their marriage and emotionThe husband actually carrying the burdenContradictions in the surface, the relationship between two people is logical in deadlock Two years lost two relatives suffering is one can imagine, if not Jinchengzai side always stay with me, maybe I will not stand such a blow, and follow their parents to walk together He was anxious, know I must trouble I was scared, but I have not the slightest hesitation, that is for so many years the first time I couldn't help laughing Every time he called me, I either just meet, or let the dormitory students directly reply to me not From primary school to junior high school, and then to high school, we never separate We took a marriage certificate in 04 years The hospital makes me be caught off guard.

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