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Posted Jan 30 2013 8:45am
"Yesterday, " Liaoning Sina micro-blog " the news caused netizen attention, this article titled " to save uremia brother, Dandong female salei marriage " the micro-blog has thousands of netizens to forwarding "Qiang Manli says to the reporter: " at that time I just think Zhang Bin needs someone to take care of so many years, imperceptibly come over, now the family harmony, the child up, I feel that life is very happyThe parents look forward to, the children grew up, they buy wedding for them MrUnfortunately fallsHandsome son became a vegetableA plain clothes, leave marks on the face, eyes full of kind Wang Li very economically minded, the coach factory outlet rental housing rent, and then Lin Fujiu gave her a house During the 2005 five one quarter, they held the wedding in a hotel in Yangjiaping, attended the wedding guests, in addition to their relatives, are basically two classmates, colleagues and friends, size is not large, only to do more than 10 table Whenever this time, Li Lanxin let him " mercy ", eyes filled with tears " My son is called Xiao Huan, give the ' daughter ' was named small music, one family great joy is good, " Wang Weigang said " Ye Yulan full of guilt Although for my brother to pay so much, but she never stood, just say, " we are family, doing nothing " Chen Yingzhen felt something was wrong, after asking know wage fell into the stepmother hands Lin Fujiu felt he could not and social those loose fucks put on a par with the wealthy, he is the identity status of the people, and this isn't the place "When she felt very regret for his reckless, but not with her boyfriend Before the little Wan 22, leukemia for her, just a common plot, sensational drama in the strange, distantOriginally, Zhang Wenjun failed to divorce, then hurry to Jilin to store plate out After the economy hit a turnaround, He Guiming both the husband and wife in Du Yaoyao poured more care ( minors in this paper are alias)When the sun through the windows in factory outlet online"> coach factory outlet online the house, each person, a pair of the happiness of a family union picture show in front of a room full of air, full of sweet taste, a Book grandfather Huo article pass and grandma Zhou Jinxiang on the couch watching over the son's award-winning certificate, son Wang Laxu and his wife Huo Hongxiang sat in the parents ask people whether they feel hot, grandchildren also hugged grandma telling school interesting, a family of six completely immersed in unspeakable happiness Although the couple meet the person says, Xiaoqin accidentally lost, but coach factory outlet the couple from morning till night worried about herAfter the adequate preparation, operation finally successful implementation "Several women have left his side, Lin Fujiu temporarily and unexpectedly is not used, the lonely miss them, especially miss Zhang Lanna intoxicating smile mou All of a sudden he guessed the baby 's birth date At first he often through tax evasion problem inside enterprises, and to punish criminal responsibility shall be investigated for phase coerce, large amounts of money demandedHis wife cried, He Guiming sob to say: " Du chairman, general Zhou, sorry Lin Fujiu's relatives a person did not read his benefits In 2009, a disaster strikes, Zhang Chongcheng a vegetable, then be completely bedridden You discard Xiao Qin although wrong, but it is also a love child This day, Du Weicai and Zhou Hongmei find Yuri Huang biological parents notice in the " Ningbo daily " through these children welfare institute in Ningbo city Lin Fujiu see this place back on the mountains, around the quiet, he decided to buy some more, thermostatic reservoir expansion into Fu Fu nursing homesOne day across the male and female line, Zhang Wenjun to shop, Li Lanxin said: " I want to go back to the shop Hailar stem, for you "" Hard work finally paid off "Tang Yu told reporters, son is also very good, achievement 12 years has come out in front A few months later, the couple can think female eager, both conceal the identity, candidates into the company to work, silent watch daughter grow up

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