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Wed Feb 11th 2009With Alex Rodri ...

Posted Feb 11 2009 2:39pm
Wed Feb 11th 2009

With Alex Rodriguez the latest star to fall into baseball's steroid purgatory, Astros star Lance Berkman is like many fans who want to know which other players were dirty. And much to his chagrin, Berkman acknowledges that even with baseball's new drug testing, the public can't yet believe baseball is clean .

"No, they can't," Berkman said Monday after Rodriguez admitted to ESPN that he took performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 through 2003.

Berkman has steadfastly denied ever using performance-enhancing drugs. He's aware, however, that even clean players are sullied by playing in the steroid era.

"The problem with this whole sordid mess (is) now everybody (is questioned)," he said. "Even today, all of a sudden my name gets brought up in an article about steroids, and I've never even been anywhere close to that.

"Nobody's going to be believed anymore. I can sit here and crow and say I've never done steroids or never done anything illegal from a standpoint of performance-enhancing drugs, but who's going to believe me? The point's well made, because we're all guilty by association. One side of me is glad that these guys are getting outed."

Source: Houston Chronicle

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