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Was Ken Griffey Hr. Asleep At The Ballpark?

Posted May 24 2010 11:27pm

Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners was supposedly asleep during a game which is the reason he wasn’t used to punch hit. The mariners lost 3-4 when playing the Anaheim angels. It has been denied by Griffey and Mariners’ manager Don Wakamatsu . Hopefully the source of that details didn’t get a cash now for the erroneous information.

Ken Griffey Jr. asleep at game

On Saturday, the Seattle Mariners were playing the second of a three-game series against the Anaheim Angels, and supposedly Ken Griffey Jr. went into the locker room around the fifth inning He was found two innings later in the clubhouse asleep, according to an anonymous source. The original story ran Monday within the Tacoma Tribune and was written by Larry LaRue, quoting two anonymous Mariners players as his sources. The mariners, Ken Griffey Jr., and Wakamatsu deny it.

Other people slept watching the game

Wakamatsu vehemently denied that it happened, and he has told the press the reason Griffey did not pinch hit was because he did not pick him to pinch hit, according to The Mariners lost anyway so evidently it didn’t make a difference. They also lost the game before it against the Angels. The game in question, on Saturday, May 8, was the closest loss of the three game series, 3-4. The game before was a 0-8 shutout, but the Mariners really fought back impressively on Sunday, May 9, in Anaheim, winning with 8-1. The Mariners are now at 13-19 for the season which could be better but additionally might be worse.

Calls for the slugger to retire

Ken Griffey Jr. is no spring chicken. He's 40 years old, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's done for, or that he can't contribute. (Check out Brett Favre that came within one game of the Super Bowl just late year.) This last year he had an average of .214 with 57 RBIs and 44 home runs. This year he has averaged .200 with 5 RBIs and 5 runs. That isn’t bad so maybe calls for retirement are a bit premature.

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