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WangYuGuo: David - stern, the king's left feast

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:17am
Gregg popovich "sent" four main anger President adults and cause strong onlookers, naughty users with "yuan aromatic body" flirt LiYongBo, "yong wave, what do you think?" Interestingly, it is in the same day, the international badminton federation for LiYongBo in London Olympic Games director "negative game" promulgated the New Deal, from 2016 in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games began, the Olympic Games badminton doubles the knockout against will draw back. Two "wave" has been Derrick Rose Shoes 2012 to the public opinion tuyere, but this wave is not those wave, two wave is essentially different. LiYongBo director "negative game" is her lovers in the game, he bundle Yong players should try to win in the competitive game with to ask, "don't have no map, but beg a swift death". If you stand in the point of view of LiYongBo on think, in the "gold medal above all" will be apt to a failure for the gold MEDALS to increase insurance coefficient can also understand, also is the altisonant "method nonrestraint namely reasonable", "from the rules of holes benefit" and "to the interests of the Chinese delegation strategic give up". But the two wave contrast, style obviously not a level. Even if the spurs to full strength challenge the heat, also not necessarily can win back to SAN Antonio, gregg popovich suddenly "self-mutilation" four main, apparently didn't put the game as "to win" plan. So, gregg AdiZero ROSE 2.0 popovich has disarmed the surrender, active up means. But as for the game, and lie negative match those disgusting if the circumstances are different, the SAN Antonio spurs still in the second unit to win, not be active to throw the ball in the audience, even like football game as poorly as the ball into his basket. On the contrary, the game until the final 1 minute there were suspense, "the SAN Antonio spurs second team" began to heat the original catch them. LiYongBo so-called "strategic give up" is not pure. To say the least, even if it is "in order to select opponents and drain and defeated" for most people hated, are considered contrary to the spirit of sports, but it is at least in pursuit of then lower the difficulty of the victory. Note that, this kind of practice, "active and loss" and "the pursuit of greater victory" subject is consistent, but LiYongBo concern is China's two groups of players don't meet in advance, as long as the champion of the last name "China" can. Gregg popovich approach is the typical "have a victory that give up", because give up a game is the spurs, the pursuit of the whole season victory is the SAN Antonio spurs. The SAN Antonio spurs AdiZero ROSE 3.0 temporarily to give up in order to more long-term pursuit. The second wave of above all sorts of eset, determines the different urban industry of the onlookers attitude. In London on "negative game" event once caused heated debate, but the key is discussed by extension the "gold medal system" and "WeiJinPai theory thinking". Single "negative game" itself, all the gateway website launched poll showed that more than eighty percent of the people who despise such behavior. Of course, in a deformity of the spectre of sports system, considering the badminton coach identity and shoulders Olympic index, a considerable number of LiYongBo said to understand, but a clear-cut stand said force is only a handful gourmet. Popovich otherwise. In addition to commissioner David stern on the rampage and "apology" and threaten "substantive justice and speeding tickets out $250000, the players, the manager and the mainstream media reporters, experts generally backward gregg popovich side. Players, almost by "the spurs second team" humiliated ZhanWei most say, lebron James said: "for his transfers-will, you don't have any right to question, the reason is very simple, because he is gregg popovich." Wade tone is more like a self-mockery, "from the competitive level, these people stay at home decision is right." According to the strategic have holidays by turns this specific events, coach colleagues choose embrace together, with Kevin garnett and Paul Pierce two member veteran, there are also the Lord have holidays by turns demand the celtics coach doug - rivers said, "as a manager, in order to allow the Dwight Howard Shoes team to win, you must do anything you can do things, need to have holidays by turns, you have to have holidays by turns. Knight coach Scott also expressed similar meaning: "even if it (by alliance warning and a fine), as long as the team and powerful, most players coach will do!" ESPN and yahoo sports and the media from sports health, NBA schedule, the articles of association rules, etc for support, think gregg popovich move not only give no cause for more criticism, and it is reasonable and correct, wise - in this respect ESPN's David - top said most vivid, "in basketball things questioned gregg popovich, like Bill Gates to carry business advice." The most interesting thing is, this should be the angry lose the spurs fans had the best funny top soil fertility is gregg popovich, "only 250000 dollars? The ans holt boss is sold tractor, by a wheel is $30000, only need to President's office sent eight wheels!"
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