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Venezuelan protests to require the publication of Chavez

Posted Mar 05 2013 2:46am

Venezuelan protests Wholesale Fake Ray Ban to require the publication of Chavez

Venezuela hundreds of opposition protesters 3 in the capital Caracas held demonstrations, chanting " we want to know the truth. " slogan, asked the government to publish Chavez's health status. At the same time, pro-government people held a rally to show support for Chavez. Bolivia's president Morales said, " at present, Chavez as before to save the country as it is and to combat disease, sometimes I feel very good, but the Wholesale Fake Ray Bans condition often relapse ".

According to the British " Daily Telegraph " reported on 4, 3, hundreds of protesters waving Cheap Ray Ban Wholesale the flag of Venezuela on Caracas street demonstrations, about 50 students have conducted a week-long sit-in demonstrations. The protesters say this is " truth parade ", not against Chavez. 55 year old accountant Dario said: "the president is not the ordinary people, we have a right to know what happened, Chavez is alive or dead, we hope to hold the election again. " At the age of 70, engineer Hector Gonzalez said: " no one knows where he is, if he is recovering, the government should make his appearance, the state can not be long in this state of uncertainty. "

The Spanish EFE news agency says 3 days, appoint vice president Maduro called, " please close to a commander-in-chief ( refers to Chavez) Fake Ray Ban Wholesale,Cheap Ray Ban Wholesale attack, please close it. " Maduro said, " these stories through various channels and in various media " spread, he specifically mentioned Spain Abeisai newspaper " and " Columbia " snail " radio. He said, Chavez is in a complex and difficult stage treatment " ".

Commission authorities confirmed, has arranged for Chavez to a new chemotherapy. According to Australia's " Sydney Morning Herald " reported on 4, opposition leader C Pury Les on the weekend of the United States launched a private visit, the government appointed the attack he is plotting.

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