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Venezuela interrupt Wei Mei channels of dialogue the United States said that the other accused.

Posted Mar 23 2013 2:09am

Venezuela interrupt Wei Fake Oakley Mei channels of dialogue the United States said that the other accused.

Washington on 21 March, (reporter Wu Qingcai) according to the day before the Venezuelan government interruption Wei Mei channels of dialogue, the United States State Department 21, responded by saying the United States and Venezuela, still seek to build a productive relationship, and that Venezuela allegations "unfounded allegations, odd".

The Venezuelan government 20 decided to suspend talks last year and the United States established to improve relations with the United States, but still maintain diplomatic and consular relations. The foreign minister Ho said, the decision was made to the American assistant secretary of state Roberta Jacobson recently published remarks in response. The latter said recently, hope Venezuela can follow the "Western Hemisphere Affairs in the highest principle of democracy", Fake Oakleys in the upcoming election "open, fair, transparent do."

Ya also revealed, two Cheap Oakleys American CIA officials are the areas for mercenaries, trying to kill the Venezuelan opposition candidate Capri Les. So the United States could provoke violence and chaos in Venezuela, the interference of Venezuela's interior.

To this, the United States Department of state in a statement to the media said: as Cheap Oakley we said before, we categorically rejected American government involvement in any subversion of the Venezuelan government conspiracy or hurt anyone accused in venezuela. The official that Venezuela repeated, not based on facts, odd the so-called American conspiracy charges is disappointing.

However, the United States Department of state also stressed, "although our two governments have significant differences, we still think that, based on the common interests of both, for relations with Venezuela to build a functional, fruitful is very important."

Since 1999, Chavez in Venezuela, Venezuela and the U. relations have been strained since 2010, the two countries since July there has been no exchange of ambassadors, currently only charge d'affaires. Chavez was seriously ill, the United States has sought to improve relations with Venezuela said. Both sides in the second half of last year to establish channels of dialogue, in order to improve bilateral relations.

However, until the death of Chavez, Wei Mei relationship has not been improved. Chavez was "hand-picked" as his successor, vice president of the Maduro has been accused the United States of seeking to undermine the Venezuelan national stability, also hinted that the Chavez cancer because the United States is done to the use of advanced biochemical technology. The two countries after the death of Chavez also each expelled two diplomats of the other party, us-venezuela relations fall into the "freezing point".

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