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Ugg Fluff Flip Flop Slippers keeps lowering

Posted Nov 20 2012 12:49am

Beg support, beg to click, beg a vote... The confirmation of the text chapter 26 doubt Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-7-2411:50:05 chapter word numbers:3798 "Cold Yi tin."The summer Ugg Felicity Boots 5450 Xu Yan lightly interrupted the thinking of cold Yi tin and stared at a man who fix attention on the ex- worry anxiously with her that matchless big big eyes" your honesty says with me, promise how is she exactly was?" The cold Yi tin lifts an eye, but to ascend summer Xu Yan that to stare greatly of navy blue eye pupil, not from a surprised. The interrogation that faces the Xu Yan in summer, the cold Yi tin also had no a way.Have to completely give. Listen to the explanation of cold Yi tin, summer the face a short while of the Xu Yan the green short while is white. "This..Is a promise this how many days experience?Has "the man whom the summer Xu Yan shockedly looking at to in the moment bands together, eyes stare eldest brother" her mother already lived to come over again, then been sent to walk again?This...Is this exactly what happened?"Summer Xu Yan how is not understand either, not from must hold tight the shoulder of cold Yi tin, some beside herselfly flutter before or after" cold Yi tin!You still have what deceive me of matter!All speak for me!" "Have no!Really have no!"The cold Yi tin originally had a headache, drive summer UGG Classic Tall Boots 5817 Xu Yan so on shaking to become to have a headache more, not from lower the head, handed a sum" I deceived you, is also don't want to make you worried, had no another meaning!" Hear this sentence, summer the Xu Yan is stunned speechless, gradually released the shoulder of cold Yi tin. The summer Xu Yan arrives at bench side, a bottom sits down and depend to deliver in the chair-back foolish. This exactly is how one file son matter? Why was the mother of cold snow promise again lifted to walk? Why does oneself always have 1 kind to not and well prepare feeling. Still have all these of the whole why does none of oneselfs know? .... "Like, don't think." The flank is a familiar male voice, interrupting a summer the Xu Yan is a chain of thinkings. "You are to be not thinking, why didn't these affairs tell you?"The cold Yi tin is like an understand summer the heart of the Xu Yan, lightly say" however really I didn't tell you, you are the good friend of promise, so promise if have what matter, affirmation worrying most is you, I don't want to make you worried, so don't tell you." The summer Xu Yan still Ugg Fluff Flip Flop Slippers keeps lowering the head, is like the words that didn't hear cold Yi tin. The cold Yi tin sees she ignore himself/herself, didn't also say what, just lightly sighed an one breath. Needing oneself now is depressed, not a summer Xu Yan and the friendship problem of cold snow promise, but kid the Fu Mo exactly have to participate in this kidnap case. Last time promise's insisting is a kid the Fu Mo kidnap case of plan, oneself still didn't believe to is the Fu Mo all these of plan of kid, but summer the Xu Yan said a kid again Fu Mo and the big Yi of promise together negotiated to add the matter that the medicine causes death for the mother of cold snow promise, this not from doubt...The cold Yi tin lowers the head, Pin eyebrow.All of all theses is what is the row, why the big Yi vital part of cold snow promise kill the mother of cold snow promise, while why will the cousin also participate in all these... The matter that don't even understand oneselfs, will the promise want to njbgbhgyubgtj understand? "This matter don't let the promise know first."The cold Yi tin selfishly says" otherwise, she doesn't collapse." The summer Xu Yan of one side hears this words, originally still meant to say what, but heard a behind that collapse two words, also shut last mouth. This affair, oneself will definitely check to know.Even if the person of crime is his/her own cousin, but gets hurt of but is a promise, this, oneself definitely disallows!The cold Yi tin fists a boxing, be like next settled decision.
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