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traces of you I like the flower nike shox junior on sale plum hidden in the branches

Posted Jan 15 2013 7:21am
Should be resolved correctly reject mediocrity to: enhance the self hierarchy of needs. In fact endowments from the human point of view, the vast majority of our people from the "genius" is more distant. However hard, it is impossible to reach the perfect creative excellence. We are just eager to occasionally found some new fixed pattern of life to break through to new heights. But this is not the so-called "mediocre move. Days no big waves, we can still pursue not fall into the "mediocre" efforts to sublimate their own. So most we claim to be ordinary, after all our efforts. Even ordinary, but also refused to mediocrity.However, people in the pursuit of not falling into the "mediocre" effort, everything done right value of it?Great modern master architect Louise? Kahn for us to make an example of his architectural works are always full of imagination and inspiration, the combination of whimsy, he works design has a strong pursuit men'snike shox turbo xii and passion, he is considered one of the 20th century's greatest iconic figure innovative field of world architectural.

His famous saying: "Even a brick must become distinguished bricks." This sentence sounded the alarm of many people, become more refuse mediocrity Bible, widely spread in the world, inspire, motivate and promote the thousands the people refused to mediocrity absolutely committed to innovation and creativity. Once when the sea becomes mulberry; once a few degrees, years wasted solidification; human civilization picturesque little ink, gently graffiti, traces of you I like the flower nike shox junior on sale plum hidden in the branches, not Note that not shocking even the ruins of a little, a little dim, a little bitter, a little confused ... However, the trees are withering, melting ice and snow, the cold biting winter, they used their pure blood to rendering the meaning of faith, report message of spring .Their perseverance footprint lingers sonorous sound, stand tall clank steel frame, although wander in the course of history, but it stung the eyes of those frustrated blurred. Who forbear alleys, snapping the historians of the Masterpiece? Who is faint strenuously, to chant no rhyme Lament?
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