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Thirty years ago, China opened the Cheap Beats By Dre surging forward with great

Posted Dec 06 2012 12:10pm

Thirty years ago, China opened the Cheap Beats By Dre  surging forward with great momentum of reform and opening up process. 30 years especially in recent ten years, China has made remarkable achievements. 10 years China's economy by an average of 10.7% a steady growth, in 2011 GDP reached 47.2 trillion yuan RMB, the economy in the world; Import and export trade amounted to 3.64 trillion dollars, and become the world's second largest trade body; Total grain output reached 570 million tons, successfully resolved the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people. China beats by dre cheap has built the world's largest social security network, education, health care, culture and other social undertakings have also made great progress, people get real benefit to bring reform and development, the country face of the new historic changes.

In view of the brilliant achievements at the same time, we are clearly aware that China has a large population, a weak economic foundations, developing unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problem is still outstanding, per capita GDP ranking in cheap dre beats 100 or so, is still the biggest developing country in the world, the economic and social development is facing many difficulties and challenges. China's basic modernization, realize all the people's common prosperity, make 1.3 billion people live a happy life, still have a long way to go, requires a long and hard work.

Not long ago, the communist party of China successfully held the congress 18, further clarify the built comprehensive well-off society and comprehensively deepen the reform and open policy the goal, to promote the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to make the comprehensive deployment. Looking to the future, China will continue to unswervingly along the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics forward, continue to promote scientific development, promote social harmony, and continue to improve people's lives, to improve people's welfare, for the comprehensive well-off society in struggle, create the Chinese people and the Chinese nation more beautiful tomorrow.

The world today is undergoing profound changes complex, peace and development remain the theme of age. World multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization promoting continuously, peace, seek development and promote cooperation has become the universal wish of all the nations and international social common pursuit. At the same time, the international situation is still not peace, the international financial crisis, the world economic growth influence of instability and uncertainty increased, the global development imbalances intensifies. In the face of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, in the same boat, responsibility sharing is all right on the way. This is the choice of China. We believe that in the international relations and promote equality mutual trust, tolerance mutual correction, win-win cooperation and work together to maintain the spirit of international justice. China will continue to uphold the peace, development, cooperation, win-win flags, unswervingly committed to maintaining world peace and promoting common development. China will unswervingly pursue peaceful development road, the firm pursues an independent foreign policy of peace; Consistent pursue mutually beneficial and win-win strategy of opening, by deepening cooperation to promote the world economy strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

In recent years, Latin American and Caribbean countries effective to deal with the international financial crisis impact, realize the economic recovery and fast growth, promote the improvement livelihood of the people and the development of social undertakings, and as an important emerging power actively participate in international affairs, vigorously promote the international power equalization pattern to the direction of development. China attaches great importance to the development and costa rica, including Latin American countries relations, is willing with Latin American countries, further strengthen the efforts of the whole cooperation, and continuously push forward the equality and mutual benefit, common development in la partnership of all-round cooperation. Costa rica is an important country in Central America, Latin America affairs plays a unique role. China is ready to hand in hand with costa rica, and strive to promote the bilateral friendly cooperation fields continuously to step on a new step. For this, I would like to put forward the following Suggestions:

First, maintain a high level of contact, to deepen political mutual trust. The Chinese side has always insisted the country regardless of size, strong or weak, rich or poor are equal. We are willing to respect each other, on the basis of equality and mutual trust with elder brother party maintain high-level close contacts, in their respective concerns on major issues of close consultation, mutual support.

Second, to promote economic and trade cooperation, and achieve common development. The parties shall continue to carry out the elder brother of the fta, further mining two countries trade potential, expand trade scale, promote trade diversification. China is willing to her brother and to strengthen the two countries in energy, infrastructure construction, investment, finance and other fields of cooperation, and actively to discuss the biological technology, clean energy and other new areas of cooperation. China encourages competitive Chinese enterprises to the elder brother investment, the government guidance, folk leading way to expand and elder brother economic and technical cooperation, also welcome your enterprise invested in China.

Third, expand cultural exchanges and promote folk friendly. The two countries should continue to develop the science and technology, tourism, aviation, sports and other areas of cooperation. The Chinese side is willing with elder brother party a, and actively promote Chinese teaching in your country, do that elder brother Confucius institute. Make good use of the Chinese in the next 5 years to elder brother party of cheap dr dre beats 400 scholarships, let more's youth can of to. Hope the two countries local government, non-government organizations, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and the news media to expand contacts, enhance mutual understanding, and let the elder brother friendly more thorough popular feeling.

Fourth, strengthen multilateral cooperation, and safeguarding the common interests. Hope that both sides continue to international financial system reform, the United Nations and the reform of the security council, climate change and other important international issues to strengthen consultation and dialogue, coordination and work together to maintain position two countries and the interests of the developing countries. The Chinese side is willing with elder brother party in China and pull common body set up dialogue relation close communication, and constantly push pull in the whole cooperation substantial progress.

The elder brother of the healthy and stable development of the relationship, without including members of the two countries, people from all walks of life support and actively participate in. Hope to costa rica members give full play to the Bridges, the two countries business, cultural groups, scientific research institutions, news media and local government to begin the communication as positive bypass, consolidate and expand the elder brother in friendly social foundation, to enhance the friendship between people of the two countries, and promote the comprehensive development of relations between countries, make greater contribution.

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